10 Villains From The Comic Books Who Deserve A Better Film

“A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.”- Chris Colfer

Be straightforward, guys. Haven’t you all dreamed of being a bad person at some point in time? It’s good to be bad.
What separates a great hero from an extraordinary one is the nature of their bad guys.
Indeed, being super strong or able to fly is fantastic; however, it’s the rogues these heroes face that set Superman and Wonderman apart.
Let’s be honest, the existence of the villain is similarly pretty much as cool as the hero’s, if not cooler.
Without a doubt, the hero gets a tower or a Bat-Cave, yet the bad guys get secret lairs as well, and they use them to plot, plan, and toss marvelous gatherings (apparently).
They additionally will have beautiful wildlife without any obligations, going in and out of town exploding stuff.
Perhaps, quite possibly, they even will lead the world sometime in the future. Who Knows.
The Hollywood industry in the latest times has been incredibly impacted by the pages of certain comic book narratives.
While the time it took the story and characters to venture out from the comics to the cinema may have been an extraordinary and long arrangement.
But, the current situation of the entertainment industry has been significantly affected by comic books.
In this battle to track down the correct mood, a few characters from the comic book story have been acquainted with the cinema over the last few decades.
A majority of these might have been heroes.
Yet, of late, a more prominent emphasis is being given to the story’s antagonist.
Nonetheless, a portion of these opponents who have shown up on the cinema has not had the advantage of a decent film being committed to their origin story.
We solidly believe that another opportunity should be given to these villains.
So, here is a rundown of 10 Villains From The Comic Books Who Deserve A Better Film.

10. Crossbones:


9. Steppenwolf:


8. Sabretooth:


7. Electro:


6. Poison Ivy:


5. Killer Croc:


4. Dark Phoenix:


3. Mandarin:



2. Apocalypse:


1. Doctor Doom:

So ya, these are the 10 Villains From The Comic Books Who Deserve A Better Film.
These bad guys literally should get a second chance, in my opinion, because they are the best among other villains that have been.
What do you people have to say about it?
Am I right?
Did you like our 10 picks.
Which among these is your favorite villain?
Do you people also think It’s good to be evil sometimes.
Let us know in the comment section below…
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