Fans often find the antagonist in a movie more fascinating than the characters in a positive role. Marvel has successfully created some negative parts with intriguing back-stories that could sweep away the big screens. Although referred to as ‘villains,’ the audience takes a deep interest in their back-stories and all the factors that led them to stand against the ‘heroes.’
Villains are pretty unique with mind-blowing powers, so this article aims to name and discuss ten Avengers villains. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will prosper by introducing it onto the big screen.

1. Veranke

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The advent of the new millennium also brought in ‘Captain Marvel’ with the Skrulls’ introduction. Readers were intrigued by the incredibly smart shapeshifters and the impending threat they posed: Skrull Queen Veranke, who disguised herself as SpiderWoman, was intimidating and a worthy adversary.

2.Super Adaptoid

Super-Adaptoid | Marvel comics wallpaper, Superhero, Marvel avengers
Audience across the world were shocked by the possible damage an AI could cause─ in both Avengers-Age of Ultron and X-Men-Days of Future-Past. Survivalist life forms with rapid adaptive capabilities and immense destructive capabilities almost successfully wiped out the Heroes from existence. A supposedly invincible villain like Super Adaptoid capable of instantly morphing and simultaneously using all powers would be a worthy opponent of the Avengers.


Korvac (Origin) - Comic Basics
A human from the 31st century, Michael Korvac has cosmic powers. In the comics, he is easily seen to defeat the Avengers in a face-off. His entry into the MCU needs to be immediate since he is among the only villains with a different fan base.

4. Morgan le Fay

Morgan Le Fay of Starz's Camelot slayed with her witchy tricks

This Marvel villainess has ties to King Arthur’s legend. Her sorcery could bring back the magic into the seemingly monotonic Antagonist line-up in future films. Apart from being a powerful sorceress, she possesses a sharp mind, leading to a medieval battle-of-wits.

5. Count Nefaria

Supervillain Origins: Count Nefaria - YouTube
He is one of the earlier villains of the comics. He ran a mafia syndicate, ‘the Maggia.’ His appearance in a future MCU creation would provide retro 80s flair to their face-offs.

6. The High-Evolutionary

High Evolutionary Powers, Enemies, History | Marvel

The High-Evolutionary would have been a perfect adversary to Tony Stark. His Ani-men and intellect would pose a severe threat to the Avengers team. In the comics, he created the Counter-Earth based on the Earth as per his specifications.

7. Kang the Conqueror

Who is Kang the Conqueror and what are his powers? | GamesRadar+
Kang is the embodiment of a conquering dictator. He possesses in-depth tactical knowledge, futuristic technology, and the ability to instill fear or respect. He has been selected as a part of the Loki series. But this villain is worthy of being put in an MCU film.

8. Henry Peter Gyrich

Henry Gyrich (Character) - Comic Vine

Gyrich was a government-appointed overseer of the Avengers and the X-Men teams in separate comics. Bureaucracy ran in his veins. He drove a wedge between Black Panther and the rest of the group. The makers may bring the Civil War drama back if he enters the MCU.

9. Grim Reaper

WandaVision: Who is Grim Reaper and what are his powers? | GamesRadar+
The Grim Reaper is WonderMan’s Brother. He has a reputation of being a persistent villain because of the ability to return from death. He could be one of the lesser everyday villains in an Avengers movie.

10. The Masters of Evil

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The Avengers are a team of superheroes. Who would be a better adversary than a group of their greatest enemies? They fought the Avengers in an age before the Hydra. Their entry into the MCU may rejuvenate those clashes.

Source: 10 Villains from the Comics that should enter the MCU Creations

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