10 Villains Who Haven’t Fought Batman In Movies!

Over the years, The Batman series has gained immense popularity and has turned into the most iconic one. There is not even a single youngster who hasn’t really heard the name of Batman. Batman has an excellent cast of villains, whether you take a roundabout with the new ones or with the old ones, The Batman is exceptional. If you are a Batman fan, you must be well-aware of the fact that there are plenty of villains available in the DC comics who haven’t played the role of a Batman yet, for the same cause we have mentioned a few related iconic stars who are yet to make their level entry, anytime soon.

Run-Down The List Of 10 Villains Who Haven’t Fought Batman In Movies:

1) Deathstroke

As purely as the same suggests, Deathstroke is an adversary for Batman that has the tendency to sense to pair the world’s deadliest assassin if he makes an entry to the movies in DC comics as The Batman, ever. He fits so well for the role as he is the most iconically reasonable character.

2) Clayface

The second up we can have is The Clayface. The most outstandingly creative yet mainstay character for the Batman series who is also actively present with the new Harley Quinn series.

3) Mad Hatter

Need not be underestimated for such movies, The Mad Hatter is an exquisite villain who can have his straight-up entry for the role as he has been featured in many movies. Another masterpiece who could make this character pop in live-action.

4) Hugo strange

He doesn’t look like a hideous man or has got that personality as rock for a villain but his superpowers to act in a certain way does speak a lot. Hugo Strange is one of Batman’s first recurring threats who absolutely deserves the best to be on the big screen and make his debut right.

5) Professor Pyg

He is yet to make a great re-occurring debut in The Batman Movies as he is known widely as a screwer. He is more inclined towards playing the role 100% appropriately.

6) Copperhead

Appeared in the late ’60s, this gem has evoked some great sense of fighting within the Batman series. She is mostly an assassin only who happens to have just a little bit of supernatural powers.

7) Solomon Grundy

A very old DC character, appeared in plenty of films but never in a live-action. Always given the origins of Zombie, he is expected to have a better roleplay with Batman.

8) Red Hood

One of the most devastating villains, but has got the most unique personality of all. There are a few showdowns which are yet to be loaded with Red Hood and the Batman if given with the right backstory can perform exceptionally well.

9) Man-Bat

Always willing to be more of like Batman seems to be a threat but can play great as a gothic horror character.

10) Phantasm

A villain who is known with the name to have appeared originally in the animated feature film ‘Mast of the Phantasm’. She’s a villain who helps Batman relive his past, but also forces him to contemplate his future which will be a good witness that arc in live-action when given a chance.


Every character is born special with anything that they ought to perform on screen. For all the DC lovers and the fans, these characters will shortly be given an opportunity to make their debut or re-occur in The Batman Series anytime soon, so get ready to witness the most amazing The Batman series with the new face.

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