10 Ways Captain America Holds The Avengers Back

Captain America is one of the most respected superhero in the superhero world. Not only the fans but fellow superheroes also look up to him. He is the leader of the Avengers and one of the strongest superhero of Marvel. He is a patriotic hero who lives his life to serve his country. Cap is a soldier and knows how to protect the citizens of his country, including his fellow teammates. But even with the super soldier, he still has some flaws and this is what makes him a relatable superhero.

Captain America is a character created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The character debuted in Captain America Comic #1 in 1941. It’s a story about a teenager but who got injected by the super soldier serum, and got trapped in the ice during the World War II. His body was cryogenically preserved and when he was revived, he was perfectly fine. Now that’s superhero backstory!

Captain America is a great leader but sometimes he might hold the Avengers back and here is a list why.


1. Captain’s Disagreements Can Divide The Team In Two!!

Captain America is a pretty important member of his team. He is the leader after all. All the Avengers takes his words seriously and follow his orders. This makes the team work in unity, but sometimes it can cause some major problems. Remember in Captain America: Civil War, when Cap and Iron-Man got into a heated argument? Due to Captain’s decision, the team got divided into two and this only end ups making the team weak.


2. Not Just For America’s Protection!!

Have you seen Cap’s superhero suit? It is an American Flag and every patriotic American’s dream. But this paints the whole team in a very different picture. As we know and also claimed by the Marvel, the Avengers are not just for the protection of America but also the whole World. They are the ones who protects the Earth from the outer space threats but when the leader is literally the flag of America, it just feels exclusive and it might hurt international fans’ feelings.


3. Captain Is A Very Busy Man!!

Steve Rogers is a very busy man. He has to take care of a lot of things. Captain works for S.H.I.E.L.D., he has to fight the villains and lead the Avengers. He has his own problems to take care of. And a lot of his personal enemies like HYDRA and Red Skull also occupies a lot of his time. Let’s just admit it, Cap got too much on his plate. All these responsibilities can sometimes make him slack off when it comes to leading the Avengers.


4. He Is The Tactic Master!!

Captain America is known for his big brain planning and tactical abilities. He is one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe. And the team relies on his tactics all the time. But don’t you think that it’s just makes the team a little too much dependent on him. What if is he is not around? What would happen then? How’s the team gonna win against their opponents? The team should start coming up with their own plans.


5. He Do Not Have Any Superpowers!!

Captain America is a very strong soldier and the super soldier serum makes him an absolute asset. But sometimes Cap’s lack of power can be a hindrance as he do not have any other superpowers. He do have an epic shield though, but that’s not enough sometimes. Fortunately, his team consists of powerful fighters which compensates for Captain’s lack of powers. Sometimes they have to fight a lot of evil and dangerous villains, they have to be prepare all the time and must have great set of fighting skills and powers.


6. Very Unrealistic Standards!!

Steve Rogers is a great human being. He is not just a good superhero but also a very nice man with great ideals. He always stands for what is right for him, no matter what. Captain America is a perfect example of a good soldier and a good human being. But sometimes he expects the same from his fellow team members, which might not end well, as they all are very different from Cap and each other as well. Even though the Avengers have cool superpowers or combat skills, they are still humans and have different personalities and ideals. It is very unrealistic to force and expect the same from all the individuals.


7. An Old Soul!!

Cap is literally an old soul. He is a World War II soldier and was born almost a century ago. His way of thinking is very out of date and this can sometimes affect the decision making process, as he is the leader of the team. Being an old mind in the team of modern Avengers is something that can create some serious problems.


8. Captain’s Personal Enemies!!

Cap got his own list when it comes to deadly enemies. How can we forget about the Masters of Evil, fans know that this group was formed by an old foe of Captain America and his name is Baron Heinrich Zemo. He formed the team to destroy Captain America and his fellow teammates. But he never got the chance, and he failed all the times. But this doesn’t mean that it is not a problem. As this can create a lot of mess and destruction just because of one member in the Avengers, Captain America.


9. What If Captain Goes Rogue!!

Captain is a very loyal and hard working man with great abilities, but what if he goes rogue, and starts hurting people. We know it is hard to believe, but this is what happened Secret Empire, when Captain joined the HYDRA and became their leader. Scarlet Witch and Thor joined Captain and this caused a lot of problems. This is so dangerous for the citizens and a reason for the Avengers to fight with each other.


10. There Are Many Other Leaders!!

Even though Captain is a marvelous leader and handles the team flawlessly, but don’t you think it’s time someone else should take the responsibility of the team. There are a lot of great leaders like Black Panther. He is already managing a large group of powerful people and is a good human being.

Captain America is a great leader and an awesome fighter. Everybody loves him, and fans think he is a perfect superhero. And we agree with that. Tell us in the comments what you think about the idea of a new leader for the Avengers.



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