10 X-Men Who Would Be A Perfect Fit For The Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps are an integral part of the DC Universe.

The Green Lanterns have their Green Lantern rings, which channel their will into power through their imagination. Lantern Corps members like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Ch’P amongst various others, protects the universe from threats. Many Earth bound threats are dealt with before they can even reach the planet by the Corps.

This willpower that powers the Green Lantern rings is something the X-Men from the Marvel Universe share with the Lantern Corps members. The mutants depend on their strong willpower to channel their gifts. This can make them to be great additions as Green Lantern Corps members.

Here are 10 X-Men’s we think would be perfect as Green Lanterns.

  1. Emma Frost

Frost is known for controlling people’s minds, as well as for having very precise psionic control. On top of that she also has the ability to turn her skin into diamond, making her invulnerable. This control comes from having strong willpower, thus making her an excellent fit for the Corps.

  1. Iceman

Bobby Drake may sometimes seem childish and immature, but he has impeccable control over his powers. Bobby has been developing his powers the most, and now is even able to turn his body into any state of water at will. So who better to be a Green Lantern than Iceman himself?

  1. Magik

Sometimes, Colossus’s sister Magik is impulsive, and can even be quite violent. But it should be noted how much control she has to not give into her Darckhylde side, and become a villain instead of a hero. This makes her a perfect choice to become a Green Lantern.

  1. Rogue

Rogue’s biggest fear is to hurt (and kill) someone with a single touch. For years one wouldn’t see her without a glove. But it took immense willpower to get her powers in control and use it for good. And if that doesn’t give her a ticket for the Lantern Corps, we don’t know what will!

  1. Havok

Over the years Havok has been able to control his powers to a near perfect level. Where Scott will always have to use his glasses to control his powers, Alex, though may not be as powerful as his brother, has rarely lost control over his abilities. Definitely Lantern material!

  1. Cyclops

Even though Cyclops needs his glasses at all times, he is also one of the X-Men who has the strongest willpower. His willpower and determination made him one of the greatest leaders of the X-Men. And this makes him an excellent fit to be a part of the Lantern Corps.

  1. Wolverine

For decades now, Wolverine has been fighting his urge to kill any bub who pisses him off! Initially, we did see him lose control of his powers – going on a killing spree. But it took great strength and willpower to overcome those urges and become an integral part of the X-Men. He even goes on to help others with their control. Good enough for the Corps? Definitely!

  1. Magneto

Magneto is without a doubt one of the strongest mutants on Earth. Having control over all the metal on Earth and be able to still use a single speck without disturbing anything else, takes immense control. He may have done some questionable things in his life, but it was all to better the lives of his people – the mutants, and he has done it with absolute control. Perfect for being a Lantern.

  1. Storm

Storm is claustrophobic, which has caused her to summon massive hurricanes at times. But with time, she has exhausted every bit of her willpower to not let her powers do any damage unless she wants to. She has immense control over her abilities, is a great leader and mentor. And thus is probably one of the best choices to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

  1. Jean Grey

When the Phoenix Force came back to Jean, the sheer amount of willpower it took for her to not succumb to the temptation of Dark Phoenix and destroy everything, is what makes Jean the biggest asset. Resisting to not go dark is extremely rare for any Phoenix host, and thus our top pick to become a Green Lantern on this list.

So What do you think of our list of 10 X-Men Who Would Be A Perfect Fit For The Green Lantern Corps? Let us know in the comment section below.

Swagata Das
Swagata Das

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