10 Year Challenge: Marvel Edition! Say Hi To Your Heroes

Remember the 10 year challenge? Where Facebook did that meme and showed you how you are going to look like in 10 years? Yeah! That’s the one!

While some ended up looking fairly similar, some looked to have gone through drastic changes. From the general public to celebrities, everyone tried it out and the results were (mostly) hilarious. And of course, this became an excellent source of entertainment for everyone.

Speaking of excellent sources of entertainment, Marvel has been there, digging out heroes and superheroes for almost a decade now as well. And we thought – why not! Let’s dig some more, and find those 10 year challenge photos of some of our favorite superheroes. And some anti-heroes. And some other people.

Let’s just do the Marvel version of the 10 Year Challenge!

As Fabrizio Romano would say – Here we go!

  1. The Marvel Studios

  1. From Tony Stark to I Am Iron Man.

  1. Steve “Captain America” Rogers.

  1. Everyone’s Favorite Arachnid – Black Widow

  1. The God of Thunder – Thor

  1. And of course, the God of Mischief – Loki!

  1. And Trying to Put An Arrow Through Loki’s Eye Socket is Hawkeye!

  1. Hulk Smash!

  1. Marvel’s Plum – The Winter Soldier.

  1. And “On your Left” is The Falcon.

  1. The Bid Bad Purple Giant – Thanos!

  1. And The Guy Who Wants Purple’s Daughter – Star Lord

  1. I Am Groot

  1. Nick Fury – Mother… of God! He Has Two Eyes!

  1. Scarlet Witch Madness

  1. Vision Goes Green!

  1. Drax Is Too Still For You

  1. The Curious Case of Professor X

  1. The Curious Case of Magneto

  1. The Curious Case of Jean Grey

  1. The Curious Case of Storm

  1. The VERY Curious Case of Marvel’s Aunt May

  1. NOT The Curious Case of Wolverine. Thank God!

  1. Mystique Just Can’t Stay In One Form

  1. Apparently, Neither Can The War Machine

  1. Or Matt “Daredevil” Murdoch!

  1. Is This A Thing Now, Elektra?

  1. One Change We All Appreciated – Deadpool

  1. Hey Look! It’s Spidey – The Friendly Neighborhood Hero. But… Which One?

  1. And Finally! We are Ending It With Ant-Man! Of Course!

Swagata Das
Swagata Das

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