100 Artists Were Asked To Paint A School Before Renovation,And The Results Are Way More Better

Schools a place where one goes to learn, have fun and enjoy life. But we all know that most of the schools have  very uninspiring walls that almost surround the whole portion of the school including the classes halls etc. With such bland backgrounds sometimes it is very difficult for students to concentrate or rather enjoy in the School. So in Paris a dormitory was ordered to be painted by 100 artist before it went for Renovation. These 100 graffiti artists spent almost three weeks painting this student lodgings of Cité Internationale Universitaire at Paris into a  stunning commemoration of art and creativity. This all happened in an urban festival which ran from 16 June to 16 July, before it was reopened of students. Here are  some of our favorite pictures below.

























Source: Dominyka Jurkštaitė

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