11 Comic Book Films That Are Way More Better Than Any Live-Action Superhero Films

“With great power, there must also come, great responsibility” ― Stan Lee

We comic book fans know that the beginning of the 21st century initially marked the Golden Age for comic book movies.
For years as we know, animated movies have provided the viewers a channel inside the world of cinema that live-action are unable to deliver. Assisted with eye-popping and larger-than-life visuals, animated films have brought various genres to life.
The world of comic books is the most current one.
Either it is direct to megahit releases, or even direct to video, animated superhero movies, good or bad, have something or the other new to the world of animation.
Comic book fans were never more spoiled before with the amount and the standard of movie alterations.
There are only a handful of incredible comic book movies that eventually didn’t make it to the big screen.
There are plenty of others that victorious pulled off the live-action film, all the way from DC to Marvel to indie comics.
Nevertheless, all good animated comic book movies have been lost in all the live-action production stumble.
Though Marvel has shown fans some of the best animated movies of its own, the finest DC comics animated films undoubtedly have the lead in this category.
It’s a fact that the animated medium allows writers and directors a bit more freedom than the cinema does.
Which results in intense action scenes and even more faithful adaptions of the source materials.
As a matter of fact, it could be wrangled that some cartoon superhero movies are way better than any live-action films that have hit the box office.
So we at Animated Times have collected few such cartoon comic book movies that are way more patronizing than all these live-action adaptations. Sounds interesting.
Let’s hop into this avalanche of comic book movies to have explicit knowledge of.

11. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox:


10. Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm:


9. Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker:


8. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns:


7. Justice League: Doom:


6. Batman: Assault On Arkham:


5. Batman Vs. Robin:


4. Big Hero 6:


3. Planet Hulk:


2. Hulk Vs:


1.  Ultimate Avengers 1 And 2:

Above are 11 Comic Book Films That Are Way More Better Than Any Live-Action Superhero Films
Hope you have enjoyed our top picks. We hope that we might have channeled into your childhood and made you remember your favorite superhero comic book movie.
Which among these movies is your favorite?
Let us know your take in the comment section down below…
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