11 Memes Showing Why Batman is “BATMAN.”

1. This one never gets old.

With the meme revolution now upon us, Batman had been targeted with a lot of parents joke. That’s unfair but it never gets old.

2. We Agree on This one.

Like seriously, how can someone sound like a BAT? Like how?

3. Savage AF.

Bruce Wayne was the all time best playboy. But he had a morale. A Bat-Morale.

4. Sorry Iron Man

Hell yeah! Batman- 1 Iron Man- 0. Iron Man is just too dependent of Jarvis.

5. The Bat Fear

Credits:- Moviepilot

Whenever we see the Superman logo, we are filled with hopes and all. But when we see the Batman, we know that Shit just got real, and we are up for some real action.

6. When Affleck spoke up


Credits:- Hollywood Reporter

We still remember how much Ben Affleck was criticized when he first took up the mantle of Batman. However, he has something to say in his defense.

7. Nothing to fear

Credits:- pinimg

Sorry Joker! He is Batman. He is a man with no supernatural power but still leads a team of Demi-Gods.

8. Joker 0 Batman 1

Credits- pinimg

Hahahaha! Well Joker, you don’t mess with the greatest playboy on Earth.

9. Behind the scenes

Credits:- wikia

I found this one really nice. Bale and Hardy having some fun behind the scenes

10. Sarcastic as anything.

Credits- imgix ranker

Just when you thought Batman couldn’t be funny. Here he is.

11. Cause you know who true Batman is

Credits- picsme

No doubt Ben Affleck’s Batman could make anyone pee in his pants. And that’s what happened with the Joker.

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