12 Actors Who Are Cherished Legends That Poured Their Heart & Soul Into Their Roles

Acting is one of the greatest forms of expression. For in real life, you only wear a façade. You don’t want the other person to know you are faking it. People know when actors are acting when they see them on the screen. So it becomes twice as hard to convince an audience when you know the entire story is fictional and fabricated.

But there is a section of actors that stands above the rest. They are not just actors. They have ended up becoming bastions of charm and expression. They represent the very benchmark of acting. People so versatile they are like water poured into a container. They could fit into any role given to them and still ace it. These 15 actors fit the bill.

Robin Williams Is The Pinnacle Of  Acing Evolution

Whether it was playing Mrs. Doubtfire or voicing the Genie in Aladdin or playing a playful radio jockey in war torn Vietnam, Robin Williams nailed his role every time. When he was on screen, we were hypnotized into submitting to his majestic acting skills.

Helena Bonham Carter Is A Gifted Genius

You can’t blame a girl for trying. Not many would have succeeded where Helena Bonham carter prevailed. She showed the world the answer to the question – Why should boys have all the fun?

Gary Oldman Is A Living Masterpiece

Whether you remember him as Sirius Black or Winston Churchill, there’s no denying the fact that Gary Oldman will always rock your world.

Tom Hanks Was, Is, & Always Will Be A Gem

Can we just laminate this guy and place him in the Livre because he is an international treasure and should be preserved at all costs.

Stanley Tucci Is An Underrated Rockstar

Doctor Abraham Erskine of the MCU is a man of many talents. If you have seen the Terminal, you would know what we mean.

Johnny Depp Is A Legend & You Know It

No matter what controversies he gets into, Johnny Depp will always be our beloved Jack Sparrow. Hollywood may have forsaken him but his fans never will.

Emma Thompson Makes us Fall In Love With Movies Every Time

She is the Nanny McPhee of Hollywood. And she is here to make you fall in love with her once more.

Heath Ledger Was A Flame Extinguished Too Soon

Say what you will but Heath ledger captured the essence of the Joker. Joaquin Phoenix does not even come close to his portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime.

James McAvoy Is A Man Of Many Faces

We still remember his phenomenal portrayal of the Horde in Split. Boy this man really takes things up a notch.

Samuel L Jackson Is The Original Mothe…..

You know what we mean don’t you!!

Leonardo DiCaprio Never Got The Recognition He Truly Deserved

But that never stopped him from becoming an acting powerhouse unlike any other.

Denzel Washington Never Ceases To Amaze Us

The Equalizer, Man On Fire, Fallen, Taking Of Pelham 123, Flight, Malcolm X – Shall we go on?

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