12 Heavenly Cosplays That Will Increase Your Heartbeat

With no offense to any actor/actress, I think that cosplayers are like the heaven on Earth. They are just so beautiful. Just imagine having a crush on a cartoon character (I personally had a crush on Star Fire) and then seeing her in real, that too in the form of a cosplayer. Cosplaying is an amazing art and is not a child’s play.

We at Animated Times often appreciate such cosplayers. However, we were not able to manage the names of the following.

1 She is the sweetest Dark Knight ever. Oh I love you soo much Batgirl.

2 I would say only word for this one:- CLASSY!

3 Crazy, Sexy and sweet all at the same time. Harley Quinn ladies and gentlemen.

4 Jennifer Garner proved that Elektra is hot, but this one here is showing that she is steaming hot.

5 That’s our Spider Girl.

6 Oh my Canary! Kidnap me please. I have failed the city.

7 She is the cutest cosplayer ever. I mean no, she is the cutest girl ever.

8 I would love to get my ass kicked by her. Or vice versa would be a better option.

9 Oh Lara Croft. We lost our hearts to her when Angelina first played her on the big screen.

10 She is the most beautiful Hela ever.

11 Take me with you to the see.

12 Just say that I am your daddy.!


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