The world of anime has always stressed upon the value of family. Some of these anime families may not be your ideal projection of one, but they are still forces to be reckoned with.

The Yato Clan – Gintama

The Yato Clan is a family of powerful and deadly warriors with intense bloodlust and rage. They are a group of humanoid Amanto with vastly superior physical and mental attributes. each member of the Yato Clan has the individual power to level an army on his or her own. But it comes at a price. they tend to forget their goal and true intentions. The clan also used to follow a horrific practice of sons killing their fathers. This practice was abandoned until Kagura’s brother Kamui almost brought it back.

The Joestars – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

At its core, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a glorified family drama. Many of the powerhouses within the series are inexplicably linked to the Joestar family. Any descendant of the family has bulging muscles and inhuman amounts of strength. But it’s their supernatural ability of Hamon that makes them invincible. Hamon is the ability to harness and manipulate one’s life force and give it form. It gives the wielder the power of creating Stands. This ability can grant a variety of paranormal feats including the power of telepathy and even stopping the flow of time.

The Ackermans – Attack On Titan

The Ackermans were the ones that were employed to protect the Eldian king in Attack on Titan. The once powerful family has since dwindled in numbers. But the few Ackerman members that remain show just how formidable they would have been in battle if they were in more numbers. Only three Ackermans have been seen in the show – Kenny, Levi, and Mikasa. Using nothing but their mere skills and their battle intelligence, they have taken down giants, literally. If Batman was in anime, he would surely be an Ackerman.

The Hanmas – Baki The Grappler

The Hanmas are a very dysfunctional family. There are only three of them and all of them hate each other. Yujiro Hanma is considered the world’s strongest human being. The impact force of his punch coming at full speed is compared to that of a nuclear impact. With his bare hands, Yujiro Hanma has taken down wild elephants and entire prides of lions. His two sons, Jack and Baki Hanma, are capable warriors who have pushed their bodies to extreme limits in their own ways. This is all in the pursuit of defeating Yujiro Hanma, whom both the brothers hate with all their heart.

The Elrics – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In the world of FMA: Brotherhood, there is alchemy instead of science that reigns supreme. Magic and science have given birth to a strange new field that can use mystical energies for various incredible feats. From controlling the forces of nature to creating objects out of literal nothingness, Alchemy is a powerful and deadly discipline. And Edward and Alphonse Elric, at their tender ages, were already considered geniuses of that field. Add to that the fact that their father is Hohenheim, an immortal with the power of countless souls powering him, you have got a family of sorcerers who can take down almost anyone.

The Uzumakis – Naruto

The Uzumakis were once wielders of powerful sealing Jutsus. after their village was destroyed, only a single Uzumaki survived. Naruto Uzumaki is a ninja powered by the most powerful tailed beast in existence. The Uzumakis are blessed with immense chakra reserves. They also have a powerful life force which allows them to have longer life-spans. Now that Naruto has married Hinata, the Uzumaki clan now also boasts the all-seeing eye of Byakugan. His children Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki have shown the potential to surpass even his father’s legacy.

The Zoldycks – Hunter X Hunter

The Zoldycks are infamous assassins who are known to always kill their target no matter how impossible the mission may be. They reside ion the abandoned and creepy Kukuroo Mountain. One of the most feared families in the history of Hunter X Hunter, the Zoldycks are not to be trifled with. Each Zoldyck child is trained from birth to learn complicated assassination techniques. They have superior intellect and vastly powerful physical attributes. even Zoldyck Family butlers are shown to possess abilities that rivals that of a Hunter.

The Kibutsuji Bloodline – Demon Slayer

Although not a family by definition, the demons we see in Demon Slayer are linked by blood. Each demon is spawned after the transfusion of Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood into a new host. Depending on the quantity of the blood transfused and the durability of the host body, each demon can have varying degrees of power. the most powerful demons spawned off of Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood form the Twelve Demon Moons. The Twelve Demon moons are the most powerful of all demons, possessing Godlike powers that rival that of the most powerful Demon Slayers.

The Uchihas – Naruto

The Uchihas were once the most feared and respected clans in the world of Naruto. Their power dwindled after the establishment of the Hidden Leaf village, marking the end of the Warring States Period. After Itachi Uchiha massacred the entire clan leaving Sasuke as the sole survivor, the Uchihas became a thing of the past. Their legendary Dojutsu – the Sharingan, has unrivaled powers. It can control space-time and even warp reality of need be. If only the Uchihas were given time to blossom, the history of the Naruto Universe would have been entirely different.

The Briefs – Dragon Ball Z

The Briefs are the perfect examples of combining brains with brawns. Vegeta is a pure blooded Saiyan and a member of his race’s royalty. He is also one of the two most powerful warriors of the Dragon Ball Z Universe. Bulma is a human with incredible intelligence, creating machinery that far surpasses present technology. Their son Trunks accessed his super saiyan form at a very young age and is considered a powerful warrior in the future timeline.

The Monkeys – One Piece

Monkey D Garp is a legendary marine referred to as hero Of The Marines. Monkey D Dragon is considered the world’s most dangerous man. He leads the revolutionary army. Monkey D Luffy is the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates and an aspiring Pirate King. The Monkey Family comprises of serious heavy hitters. Apart from that Portgas D Ace and Sabo, Luffy’s adoptive brother are also forces to be reckoned with. The monkey Family is no joke. It is one of the most powerful anime families to ever exist.

The Sons – Dragon Ball Z

Goku is by far the most well-known character in anime history. His bloodline has steadily evolved to go beyond all mortal limits.  Goku has accessed the powers of a God. he was the first in the series to become a Super Saiyan. He then unlocked multiple deeper levels of Super Saiyan power. He has now mastered Ultra Instinct, a technique that was said to be accessible only to the Gods. Goku’s wife Chi Chi is also a formidable warrior. Their sons Gohan and Goten have shown the potential to surpass their father. add Badrock and Raditz, Goku’s father and brother, into the mix and you got a powerful family that can destroy entire star systems.

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