12 Superheroes Who Got Stronger After Being Perished And Coming Back To Life!

Death and resurrection is nothing new to the comics lover. However, here we are not just talking about resurrection. We will be talking about and considering all those superheroes who were either dead or banished or lived a different character. And how, after their return, they came back stronger and better.

Here is the list of 12 superheroes who became better after being perished!


Remember the Superman in Batman vs Superman? Well, he was weak and we should agree to this fact. Well, we could clarify this fact after watching Superman in Justice League. When he returned from dead, he returned with unimaginable strength and single handedly beat the hell out of Steppenwolf.


Ultimate universe stood for “no surprise” thing. I mean if you dead, you’re dead. You are not coming back. And that’s what happened with Peter Parker. He died at the age of 15 defending his family and friends from Goblin.
However, after him, a 13 year old Miles Morales took the mantle of Spiderman and became one of the most powerful characters of Marvel comic universe.


Arrow died protecting Metropolis from a bomb. In Green Arrow # 99, his arm was attached to a bomb and if he tried to remove it, the bomb would detonate. Superman reached just in time and flew him over Metropolis to safety. However, the bomb detonated killing Olliver Queen. The mantle was then took over by his sidekick Connor Hawke who was one of the most ruthless Green Arrow.


Shocked? Well, but it is true. Agent Coulson was a no one until Nick Fury faked his death to unite the Avengers. He returned in the series Agents of SHIELD, where he became the heart and brain of the SHIELD.


The one who can be trusted, Hal Jordon was one such character of the DC world. But in the Reign of Superman, we witnessed his dark side as we went on to became one of most powerful villains of the DC world. He went on to become the Spectre and the Green Lantern’s baton was then carried forward by Kyle Rayner.


It happened in Amazing Spiderman # 121. Norman Osborn killed Gwen Stacey but died in the battle against Spider Man. It was a big turning point in the entire Spiderman saga. However, it was later revealed that Norman was never dead. He was secretly manipulating all the incidents that were going on Spiderman’s life after his demise.


Captain America was arrested at the end of Civil War. However, on his way to the court, he was shot by an assassin, thereby marking the death of the First Avengers. But Captain returned. This time in Captain America Reborn, and in an entire new avatar. He was stronger and more determined than before.


I would like to quote the example of Flashpoint Paradox here. Flash was not killed, but was sent to an alternate timeline. The timeline were his mother is alive, but everything else is in chaos. To save the world from the chaos, Flash brought the best in him and ran faster than ever before, beating himself in the race against time.


Everyone knows that Batman is the only being to successfully dodge the Omega beam of Darkseid. But, that incident left him numb and he had to give away his baton to the then Nightwing, Dick Grayson.


Well, lets go back to the cinematic world. Deadpool was just as shitty as anything could get in Wolverine. However, we all know what he became when he came back with a solo movie of his own.


We pretty much know the infamous murder of Jason Todd by the hands of Joker in Batman: A Death in the Family in 1988, how ever, like always, no one every stays dead in comics, so likewise, Jason was Was Revived When Superboy Prime punched reality so hard that it literally shattered, because comics. When he came back he had a certain degree of super strength, stamina and regenerative abilities.


From Winter Soldier to White Wolf, Bucky Barnes’ transformation is what everyone could only dream of. After being stranded on Earth, Bucky found a new home in Wakanda, where the auro of vibranium filled him up with energy and positivity.


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