12 Times Justice League Fired A Superhero

“You are Fired.” The three most devastating words in the entire universe. Every one of us are just so scared of hearing those.

But let me tell you, even the mightiest of superhero get goosebumps at such times.

Whether it’s our Caped Crusader or the Man of Steel, all of them have been fired one time or the other. So when and how were the building blocks of the most devastating league of all the comic world were fired.

Here is the list of 12 times when a superhero was fired from the Justice League.


Grant Morrison is a legend in the comic world. Thanks to him that we got 1997 Revival of the Justice League, entitled JLA which is considered the finest works of the entire comic verse.

So the story? Ra’s Al Ghul, Bruce Wayne’s guru wanted to incapacitate the entire JLA, so as to bring a great chaos to the universe.

Everyone was shocked how Ghul knew all their weakness. Well, thanks to Batman, who has prepared a secret file of the weakness of all the JLA members, just in case. Batman left the league before the final vote was cast.

Batman Getting Fired From Justice League


Well, you can’t just think of killing when you belong to the JUSTICE League.

The episode Double Date of JL Unlimited featured Huntress being fired from the league.

Helena was tempted to kill Steven Mandragora, the mobster responsible for her parent’s murder. Seeing her killing desires, Martian Manhunter declared that Helena can’t be a member of the league.

Huntress Leaving JL


"You are out of the Justice League Snapper!"

One of the failed comic stars. Snapper got his name from Snapping. But was just so unpopular.

So in spite of just vanishing him, the writers decided to give him a proper farewell from the league. Seeing himself so unappreciated in the League, Snapper joined hands with Joker and tried to capture Batman.

However, he was captured and was given a goodbye from the League.


Lobo: A superhero fired by Justice League

Lobo’s story is as short as his existence. He was created as a replacement for Superman when the Man of Steel was lost in the space-time continuum.

However, once Superman got back, Lobo was fired with a snap.


JL members voting for Barry

In the period “Trial of Barry Allen”, Flash was put on trial for manslaughter when he accidentally broke Reverse Flash’s neck.

The members of the League voted and ended up in a tie leaving Superman as the ultimate decision maker. The period extended into three periods when Superman finally put Barry Allen on probation.


Wonder Woman Killing Maxwell: Justice League Fired A Superhero

Well one of the prettiest members of the JLA didn’t escape the Firing curse.

Wonder Woman murdered Maxwell Lord as he was trying to control and kill metahumans. Diana felt that her actions were justified. However, the majority of the League didn’t agree. And she consequently got fired from Justice League.


Justice League Fired Superheroes

The Justice League America “Breakdown”. The team makes a plan to assassinate Maxwell Lord and is able to hospitalize and comatose.

However, Captain Atom believed that Queen Bee was behind the assassination, and is soon proven true. He was also suspicious of the newly appointed Heimlich. His doubts were proven true when Heimlich fired the trio from the league.


Atomica Comic Still

Atomica, or the Lady Atom. Justice League has a bit habit of including almost anyone in the team. And they have never been so wrong. Rhonda Pindea or Atomica had a background of child killing, which she hid from the League. Her real intentions were revealed when she released a virus in Cyborg.

However, Batman teamed up with Luthor, and got the situation under control, firing Atomica off the team.


Manhunter after being removed from team

The removal of one of the most prominent members of the League was featured in JL: Year One.
Keeping it simple, Martian Manhunter did the same mistake as Batman.

He featured that the metahumans might turn evil one day, and so he kept a record of all their weakness. But it was exposed and J’onn bid adieu to the team.


Gardener leaving Justice League

The guy with the swag. You are either a big lover or big hater.

Gardener wanted to lead the team. However, with so much arrogance, he just couldn’t stand a chance. When Aquaman and Manhunter were thinking of reforming the team, Gardener simply left.


If you were a fan of JL Animated, you must be a big fan of this character. The three-part “Starcrossed” is without a doubt most emotional stories ever told, all focused around Hawkgirl.

She’s torn, physically between two worlds, and mentally between two different sets of morality. She ultimately she sides up with the league, but it was not able to satisfy everyone, even her lover. She leaves the team before the Man Of Steel gives the last vote.


Yes, you read it right. In Justice League Annual#2, every single member was fired from Justice League by none other than Aquaman.

You may laugh at his costumes, his funky green color, and his funky accent. But when he gets outrageous, he can disband every superhero who is not loyal to the group. Only Elongated Man, Martian Manhunter and Zatanna (a.k.a the people who couldn’t carry their own titles) stayed, and a new Justice League was formed, changing the course of DC Comics forever.

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