12 Times “The Powerpuff Girls” Had Adult References

If you loved watching The Powerpuff Girls as a child, you will agree that it was the best time of the day. You spent your evenings fighting crime with the Powerpuff girls defeating the bad guys. However, this is not the only show that has moments not fit for kids to watch.

You will be in shock to know that there are some adult references in the show that went over your head.

When the Professor was getting ready for a date, the girls help him get ready. And while they were doing it, Buttercup secretly puts some condoms in his jacket pocket.

The Powerpuff Girls








That moment when Bubbles saves a squirrel and tells why she thinks she is a girl.

The Powerpuff Girls









When the mayor mistook Sara Bellum as Sedusa and expressed his desire to have a conjugal visit with her.

The Powerpuff Girls









That moment when Blossom wanted to imitate Sara Bellum and she crammed stuffed animals in her shirt.

The Powerpuff Girls







When the girls were not able to defeat Rowdyruff boys, Sara Bellum suggested they use their aesthetic assets.

The Powerpuff Girls








When Roach Coach’s robotic arm flipped the girls as he fell off from the tall building.

The Powerpuff Girls









That moment when Fuzzy Lumpkins was interested in hooking up with the Professor because he found him attractive.

The Powerpuff Girls









And he goes ahead and gets busy with the pile of mud that was attached to the Professor.







That moment when the Powerpuff Girls’ neighbor casually mentioned that she was not a planned creation.







That moment when there was a development joke in the Powerpuff Girls promo commercial.









When you see a children’s drawing of a drunk and angry father in a school classroom. The drawing also shows the angry father holding a bottle of booze.








And lastly, out of nowhere, Buttercup said something like this:







Did you notice any such moments when watching the show again as an adult! Comment your reaction below!

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