14 Disney Princesses Of The Marvel Universe

After Disney acquired Marvel, people began wondering about all kinds of crossover between these two moguls of contemporary pop-culture.

One of the most asked questions then was how would our Marvel superheroes look like as Disney Princess. Most fans speculated, while others actually went and reimagined it themselves in the form of fan-arts.

Given there are 12 official Disney princesses, and 2 unofficial, but well over a hundred superheroes in the Marvel universe. While there are very many variations of this combination, we tried to find the best out of the lot, and see which you like more than the rest!

  1. Captain America as Snow White

The red, white and blue wearing princess who was asleep for years before being awoken by a kiss. While Captain America did not need the kiss, the rest seem pretty spot on! So yes! Snow white – the strong leader is a perfect match for Captain America.

  1. She-Hulk as Belle

Belle calms the best of the castle, and She-Hulk calms the beast inside. Also, both are geniuses and love to read. If these two aren’t a perfect combination, we don’t know what is!

  1. Iron Man as Princess Jasmine

The Arabian Princess of Agrabah and the billionaire philanthropist are ingenious, independent and exceptionally insightful, with a spirits of finding the next adventure. Tony and Jasmine are quite a matching pair.

  1. Hawkeye as Merida

A superhero who fights his enemies with a bow and arrow, and a Disney princess who does the same – and with similar sass and sarcasm. Hawkeye and Merida are probably related, if we actually take a look at the family tree!

  1. Black Widow as Mulan

A princess warrior who can be just as if not better than her male counterparts? Mulan and the Black Widow are a match made in Disney Marvel heaven. Maybe Ming-Na and Scarlet can come together and kick some butt!

  1. Thor as Sleeping Beauty

Getting tricked into falling asleep for decades? Seems a little too far fetched, but if it happens it will be Loki tricking Thor into that sleep. And then maybe he will wake him up as well! Maleficent and Loki can both be the good guy, after all!

  1. Captain Marvel as Moana

A quest for identity and a feeling of belonging is the thing that joins these two characters. Also, of course, the skill for voyaging – whether around the world or the whole universe. Moana is an amazing Captain.

  1. Scarlet Witch as Elsa

Have immense power but scared of that very power? Yes! Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff and Princess Elsa of Arendelle. But don’t worry, by the end of the movie, both women learn to embrace their power.

  1. Wasp as Anna

The little sister of Princess Elsa has gone extra little and turned into Wasp – flying around the capital, and checking on what Kristoff, Sven and Olaf are getting up to!

  1. Spiderman as Rapunzel

The inquisitiveness and always wanting to explore and have new adventures? Does that sound familiar? Yes! – Spider Man and Disney princess Rapunzel. And yes! Spider man is definitely a Disney princess.

  1. Storm as Tiana

Give Princess Tiana some powers, and she will light up the world. The mentor of the young X-Men, is the best counterpart for this hospitable Disney princess and make a perfect combination of Disney and Marvel.

  1. Jean Grey as Ariel

May it be the red hair or the insurmountable power – there is a lot that makes these two characters seem similar. Jean is one of the most powerful X-Men there ever was, and Ariel is the princess of the sea itself.

  1. Wolverine as Pocahontas

Pocahontas the protector of the wild and Wolverine the protector of the X-Men. The wildness of these two characters are full of freedom and abandon and make for an absolutely perfect crossover combination.

  1. Emma Frost as Cinderella

Emma Stone although was once a villain, soon became an integral part of the X-Men. Cinderella though has always been the good girl through needs just the right amount of sass from Emma to show her step mother and two step sisters the door!

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