15 Amazing Fan Reimaginations Of Marvel Superheroes Better Than The Movies

15. Armored Thor

Reimaginated Armored Thor

14. Bucky Barnes, Captain

Fan made Bucky costume

13. DIY Spider-Man

Spideman Re-created

12. Bold Black Widow

Black Widow Look

11. Modern Cyclops And Jean Grey

10. Iron Girl

9. Steampunk Ant Man

reimagined ant man by fan

8. Miles Morales, Avenger

7.Old(er) Man Logan

6. Armored Cyclops

5. Ultron Unparalleled

4.Steampunk Mark 1

3.Retro Cap Redux

2. Dormammu, Lord Of Chaos

1. Scarlet Witch

Reimagination of Scarlet Witch