15 Characters DCEU (And The CW) Will Never Let The Arrowverse Use

Almost six years into permanence, the Arrowverse continues to bolster. New characters continue to emerge. Its a delight to watch such moments unravel across Arrow, The Flash,Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. However, there are some characters which are restrained by Warner Bros. and DC for the DC Extended Universe’s exclusive use. The Suicide Squad plot which was abandoned in the season two of Arrow is an example.
The confusing guidelines that administer character usage on The CW is not the one and only reason the shows might avert using particular heroes and villians. Sometimes the cost of full character development contribute to the hampering.
However, examining who can and cannot be a constituent of the Arrowverse is a worthwhile endeavor we are prepared to plunge into. These are the 15 characters the CW’s superhero roster may never use.


At some point of time , there were high hopes that green lantern would be introduced in the Arrowerse in either of the shows. Many considered John Diggle to be the most worthy of the Lantern Ring. As the Legends of Tomorrow debuted the Justice Society of America , expectations saw another ray of light for this character. Sadly , all hopes were dashed as the hero and the other factors relating to its existence are currently tied up in DCEU.


In the 3rd season of Legends of Tomorrow Themyscira debuted; the island of Amazons becomes the home of Helen of Troy. As the character returned in the finale of season three , she donned a garb that was inspired by the Gal Gadot movie of 2017.
In spite of all this , there is no expectation that the Amazonian Wonder Woman herself would actually make an appearance.


Like all the other characters, this character is also under the entire control of DCEU and will not be permitted to appear on telivision anytime soon.Its an already complicated scenario , with the fact considering his connection with the New Gods Ava DuVernay, a movie based on
New Gods is still surrounded by enigma of the reports if its a DCEU entry or not.
After so much complicated facts , the introduction of Darkseid would further complicate it.


A character which is missed by quite a lot of fans was the assassin Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. With the release of Suicide Squad nearing the arrowverse had to remove this character. Pleasingly, the character is given quite a heroic exit as he sacrificed himself to save others which was also acknowledged by John Diggle.


Swamp thing is one character which will always remain a dream for the Arrowverse. Swamp things has always been a fan favorite and fans hope for his introduction sooner or later.
although , the introduction seemed reasonable considering Gorilla Grodd , King Shark and other characters but introduction of Swamp thing would continue to be a dream.


To be true, the character of Lex Luthor has already made a debut in the second season of Supergirl as he is seen as a child in a flashback but this character is yet to be introduced as an adult in the CW shows. The rules that are followed by the DCEU keeps the character away.
Although we all can hope that Lex Luthor might come alive in upcoming seasons of Supergirl.


This character was introduced in the world by Kevin Smith and he himself wanted him to appear in the Arrowverse . It is still debatable that this character will be introduced or not . It is always a concern to introduce characters as elegantly on-screen as in comics . Being that said the show is concerned to not introduce him as a silly character. And this might be a hinderance to the entry of Onomatopoeia.


The CW channel has given quite a few Easter eggs to the fans by small references. The character has physically never appeared in any of the shows of the CW . The rights of the character are owned by Fox and after Disney acquired Fox , the rules might have completely altered and his appearance on the CW also goes under shade by this.


Watching Deathstroke has been a treat to the fans. His introduction in the DCEU has not quite affected his small screen character . But it is quite confusing t see the same character in two different universes. We all can just hope that there is more of Slade Wilson in the upcoming seasons.


A movie starring Booster Gold has been working since quite a long time now. There has a few references about him in the Legends but their is no solid proof of the introduction of this character. Lets hope that we see this character soon in the Legends riding the waverider like others.


Amanda Waller’s character was quite strong and fans are still confused with the type of send off she was given by the CW . As we say that she deserved a better exit , it is quite sure that this character was ruled out because of her task force associations as Suicide Squad was set to release in Summer 2016.


The former Robin Dick Grayson is yet to make an appearance on the CW but has never received any reference , although the city where he lived , Bludhaven, was referred to many times in Arrow. fans should not be expecting much from this character as his appearance is quite a far fetched dream .


As this character died in the Season 5 Finale of Arrow , his return does not seem like a possibility . With a few appearances , its frustrating for the fans to just see so much of the character. His death and limited use gives fuel to th ire that he is been kept on reserve by the movie universe.


This character has only once been referred to and that to quite indirectly by Iris West in the episode ‘Escape from Earth – 2 ‘ of The Flash , where she mentions having relatives in Atlantis. Since then there hasn’t been any teaser. It is hard to fathom the character’s introduction and story line that can be given to him if he is ever introduced.


Harley Quinn’s character introduction made fans quite eager to see that what the show has in store for the character, after she made her debut in Arrow. Fans wanted to know the origin, her separation from Joker along with many other questions .
Sadly , this character too has her ties axed off from the television show because of her appearance in the Suicide Squad.


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