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15 Comic Book Characters That Ran For President


Every 4 years, the whole United States of America (and heck, the majority of the remainder of the world, also) turns their focus on the election that chooses the next President of the United States of America. It is virtually an all-inclusive occasion, as there is no place that you can go to get away conversation of the election. With a lot attention paid to the occasion, it’s unsurprising that other locations of pop culture have actually attempted to lock on to the election protection, too. Various comics have actually run governmental projects to obtain attention, from radio stars like Gracie Allen to TELEVISION stars like Dick Gregory. Naturally, the world of comics ensured to obtain in on the action, also.

The first comic character to run for president was Augustus Mutt, from the popular cartoon “Mutt and Jeff” by Bud Fisher, which was among the initial cartoons in the United States. Pooch ran for president in 1928. He would be the very first of lots of cartoon prospects, with a few of the more popular examples being Pogo from Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” (who ran for President every 4 years in between 1952 and 1980), Snoopy from Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” (who ran in 1968) and Bill the Cat from Berkeley Breathed’s “Bloom County” (who ran in 1984 and 1988). It would not take wish for comics to likewise participate the action. Here are 16 significant comic book characters that ran for president in their particular comics universes.

15. PREZ

Prez running for president comic poster

“Prez” was a remarkable, temporary comics series from DC Comics developed by Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti about Prez Rickard, the very first teenage President of the United States, as the United States federal government had actually passed a Constitutional modification reducing the eligibility for President to simply 18 years of age. Prez was selected by the political opportunist, Boss Smiley, however, Prez set out on his own and became his own male. He even called his mom his Vice President. Prez needed to handle a great deal of unusual issues throughout his presidency, however, the greatest issue was low sales, as the series was canceled after 4 problems. Just recently throughout its DC You effort, DC Comics put out a brand-new “Prez” series by Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell, now starring a girl called Beth Ross, who wound up getting chosen through Twitter in the year 2036. Her Vice President? None besides Prez Rickard.

14. Howard The Duck

Howard the duck ran for president

The very first recognized comics character to run for president was Steve Gerber’s Howard the Duck, who discovered himself the unlikely prospect for the brand-new 3rd party, the All-Night Party, in 1976’s “Howard the Duck” # 7 (by Gerber and Gene Colan). Howard operated on a project of reform and truth-telling. He was a dissentious prospect, with 30% of individuals going to choose him while 48% of individuals wished to see him assassinated (and Howard did need to prevent more than a couple of assassination efforts). Howard was eventually performed in by a sex scandal in “Howard the Duck” # 8, however, the project general amassed a good deal of attention. Gerber even produced project buttons that did a great little bit of company at the time.

13. NightHawk

Nighthawk character for president

The Squadron Sinister were presented as basically wicked analogs of the Justice League, with Hyperion being the wicked Superman, Doctor Spectrum the wicked Green Lantern, Whizzer the wicked Flash and Nighthawk the wicked Batman. Nighthawk ultimately reformed and ended up being a member of the Defenders. Nevertheless, in the future Marvel then presented another Squadron, the brave Squadron Supreme, with all the very same Justice League analogs, simply as heroes. So there were 2 brave Nighthawks, both called Kyle Richmond in their secret identity. The brave Squadron was notable because they continued getting mind-controlled by bad men. That held true in 1982’s “Defenders” # 112 (by J.M. DeMatteis, Don Perlin and Mike Gustovich), where we discover that Nighthawk retired as a superhero and rather ended up being a political leader as well as wound up chosen President on the Squadron’s world– where he was without delay persuaded by the wicked Over-Mind and switched on the remainder of the Squadron. Hyperion concerned the primary Marvel Earth to employ the aid of the Defenders, who conserved the Squadron’s world from Over-Mind. Richmond ultimately resigned as President.

11. Walter “Wally” Sheridan

Comic Book Characters That Ran For President

Among the significant characters in Jean Van Hamme and William Vance’s traditional Belgian comics series, “XIII,” was Walter “Wally” Sheridan, whose bro was the president that was supposedly assassinated by the star of the comic, the amnesiac operative understood just by the tattoo on his collarbone, XIII. Sheridan is chosen in the series, and he helped XIII in exposing the mystical company called XX, who was accountable for the murder of Sheridan’s bro. Nevertheless, in the 2nd set of “XIII” comics, we discover that the head of XX was, in fact, Sheridan himself, who managed the murder of his own bro to establish his increase to power. He exposed his own company since he thought that the power of the Presidency exceeded the power of XX, plus the secrecy of the group would keep his identity concealed. Sheridan then ended up being the primary villain of the series from that point forward, utilizing the workplace of the Presidency to strike at XIII.

10. OverShadow

Overshadow president poster

The primary villain of the New Universe title “DP7” (by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Ryan) was Philip Nolan Voigt, likewise called Overshadow. Voigt was among the most effective beings in the world due to being closer to the strange “White Event” than everybody else. He acquired the capability to embrace the power of any paranormal being he came across, just with higher powers than the other individual. So if he came across a super-strong individual, he would end up being more powerful than that individual. He formed the Clinic for Paranormal Research, with the intent of forming his own super-powered army. 7 of the people at the center left, they ended up being the stars of the comics, with Voigt continuing to attempt to hunt them down. Ultimately, it appeared like they eliminated him in fight, however he appeared a year or two later on, now running for the Presidency of the United States. He was chosen and played a significant function in the last occasions of the New Universe. His name is frequently misspelled, even in the comic itself, as Voight.

9. Etrigan The Demon

Ertigan as President

In 1992, Dwayne McDuffie, Val Semeiks and Karl Kesel provided a four-part piece of political satire in “The Demon” # 26-29, where Etrigan the Demon chose to run for President. In the beginning, his project was thought about a joke, however ultimately individuals discovered his abrasive technique revitalizing. Etrigan was not concealing who he was, he was plainly wicked however he copped to his evilness. An assassination effort by a spiritual zealot (not pleased with the concept of a real satanic force from Hell aiming to end up being President) resulted in souring appeal. Superman got included and reports emerged that Superman would be Etrigan’s Vice President. When Superman chose not to comment, Etrigan made the astute observation that things like him ending up being President happen when great males do not get included. In the end, he is dropped in being changed back into Jason Blood, who then immediately left of the race. In the end, however, the rhyming devil cautioned Superman, “I provide this bit, to contribute to your worries: the lessons I’ve discovered I’ll use in 4 years. The issue I position YOU cannot perhaps repair. I’m here to serve notification: I’ll be back in ’96!”.

8. Graydon Creed

Graydon Creed

A significant plotline in the “X-Men” series of titles in 1996 was the project of Graydon Creed running for the Presidency. Creed was the human-born boy of Sabretooth and Mystique. His hatred for his moms and dads resulted in a basic hatred for mutants and he utilized anti-mutant hysteria to assist get assistance for his candidateship amongst the general public. The X-Men put 2 of their members, Cannonball and Iceman, undercover in Creed’s company. They found that his strategies after being chosen included producing the occasions that would result in the dystopian future of “Days of Future Past.” Iceman needed to leave when his daddy, whom Iceman had actually constantly understood to be an anti-mutant bigot himself, was assaulted after opposing Creed’s policies. In the end, Creed was assassinated prior to he might be chosen. The identity of the assassin was a long-running secret, with it becoming exposed that it was his own mom, Mystique, who did the deed.

7. The Smiler

The Smiler Ran For President

The main villain of Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson’s timeless series “Transmetropolitan” was Gary Callahan, the political leader called “Smiler” due to his, well, tendency to smile a lot. Initially, Spider Jerusalem begrudgingly tossed his assistance to Smiler, considering him a minimum of an enhancement over the Nixon-esque President at the start of the series called “The Beast.” Nevertheless, Spider is shown incorrect as Smiler ended up being a much even worse President. Smiler was a creep who disliked the American individuals, however, longed for the power to manage and oppress them. Spider did his finest to expose Smiler, which caused Smiler utilizing increasingly more aggressive strategies versus Spider as the series went on. Smiler was not shy about utilizing deadly techniques to issues. Among his most popular methods whenever his appeal faded was to have somebody near to him eliminated to amass compassion. At the end of the series, Spider was successful in exposing Smiler’s corruption and Smiler was set to in fact deal with genuine justice.

6. Lex Luthor

The President Lex Luther

Most likely the most popular imaginary United States President in comics was Lex Luthor, whose project for the Presidency was a significant story in the Superman titles of 2000. Luthor assisted bring back Gotham City to its previous status following the destructive earthquake that had actually let to Gotham City being cut off from the remainder of the United States. Luthor utilized that promotion to start his run for President. He twisted the knife on Superman by choosing Clark Kent’s buddy maturing, Pete Ross, as his running mate. Luthor eventually was chosen, and had an early victory when he assisted collaborate the defense of the world versus the intrusion by Imperiex in the “Our Worlds at War” crossover. Eventually, Luthor fell from grace due to his fascination with ruining Superman, as he arrogantly admitted to his lots of criminal offenses, unknowning that Batman would tape and relay the confession to the world. Luthor wound up not even ending up a single term in workplace.

5. Savage Dragon

Savage Dragon with Obama

In 2004, Erik Larsen created a plotline for his “Savage Dragon” comics series where a corrupt political leader, Ronald Winston Urass, started pressing Dragon as a write-in prospect for President versus George W. Bush and John Kerry. Dragon deliberately kept himself from the project, which inflamed his other half, Jennifer, as she felt that he ought to vocal in his opposition to the project rather of simply calmly neglecting it. After a George Bush impostor assaulted Dragon, Dragon stayed quiet. Urass then produced a Dragon robotic to project for the task. When the election results can be found in, Dragon was the winner! As Dragon disputed whether to even accept the task, it was eventually exposed that Urass had actually fraudulently controlled the system and the choose Dragon were thrown away by the Supreme Court. Dragon later on got associated with Presidential politics once again in 2008 when he openly backed Barack Obama for President.

4. Arcadia Alvarado

Arcadia Alvardo

The temporary Vertigo series “Saucer Country,” by Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly, followed the project of New Mexico Governor Arcadia Alvarado as she ran for President of the United States. The catch was that Arcadia thought that she was abducted by aliens and for that reason, her run for the White House was driven in part by her desire to expose the reality of her alien encounter and to assist safeguard the United States from the aliens. So the primary story of the series was Arcadia and her personnel attempting to identify exactly what actually took place to her while keeping it peaceful as she runs for President (and still needs to govern New Mexico, too– not to point out watch on her alcoholic ex-husband). Simply just recently, it was revealed that the series will continue in 2017 at IDW Publishing, now called “Saucer State,” and will illustrate now President Alvarado as she pursues her alien program.

3. Jack Northworthy

Jack Northworthy being president

Jack Northworthy is the star of Sam Humphries and Tommy Patterson’s Image Comics series “Citizen Jack,” about a worthless jerk from Minnesota who has his own individual satanic force– a satanic force that will do whatever it requires to get Jack chosen as President of the United States. Regardless of being a nasty animal, Jack in some way struck home with the American individuals. His project started as a little a joke, however Jack’s determination to speak his mind and state all the important things that nobody else would trouble voicing made him incredibly popular. He ultimately wins the main and goes on to win the White House, regardless of confessing to killing his own dad! The American individuals reacted well to the news as, heck, who hasn’t wished to murder their dad, right? The preliminary series ends with Jack in the White House, however his satanic force is truly in control, and he intends on utilizing this to assist him win control of Hell itself.

2. Loki

Vote Loki Poster

Marvel’s present series, “Vote Loki,” by Christopher Hastings and Langdon Foss, is a satirical take a look at American politics that is extremely reminiscence to the previously mentioned Demon story from 1992, with Thor’s wicked brother or sister, Loki, running for the Presidency through a project that welcomes his wicked nature. His project started as a joke, however he understood that he had to do was get a foot into the door then his captivating methods would have the ability to control individuals into seeing him as more than simply a joke. His sacrificial rites? Spiritual liberty! Him being a “god”? Separation of Church and State! He is being opposed by a press reporter who got associated with the project when she composed a piece tearing Loki’s project apart, however he made it so that the heading of th