15 Cosplay That Are Even Better than the Originals.

In the past cosplay was reviewed as a funny thing that teenagers would do for entertainment, but today, it has been turned into a real art thing. Cosplay in simple words costume play, is a staging event  in which participants/ fans also known as cosplayers wear costumes and some fashion accessories to represent a specific character from the comics, TV shows and movies, specially their favourite ones. And every year thousands of fans worldwide gather around in festivals like The Comic-Con to show off their costumes to each other and the public. Comic-Con is a festival that is celebrated world-wide, it’s an event which primarily focuses on comic book culture, where fans meet their favourite creator and experts and they cosplay their favourite characters. During one such event a funny incidents happen when Justin Timberlake came to the Comic-Con festival dressed as a character from the Sesame Street and nobody was recognized Justin. So in this article readers are going to see the most extraordinary and memorable examples of Comic-Con.  And Animated Times have collected the best 15 cosplays that look better that the original ones.

1 Dora Milaje And Pink-Panther:

2 Who said cosplay is only for adults??

3 Judy Hopps Straight Outta Zootopia:

4 You don’t want to meet someone like this especially at night…

5 “I am Groot”

6 10,000 points goes  to Gryffindor!!

 7 When Cosplay Is A Family Hobby, Masterpieces Created:

8 A really well-thought out cosplay:

9 Is It A Cosplay Or The Actual Granny From Tweety Bird??

10 The Always Popular Cosplay:

11 Just Lebowski!!

12 She Was Born To Cosplay Dana Scully:

13 The Terrifying Prometheus Cosplay:

14 Less Budget Jon Snow…..

15 Is It Beauty And The Beast Or Star Wars???


Source: Richard Arthur

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