15 Drop Dead Funny Deadpool Comic Book Moments You Definitely Need To See

The Merc With a Mouth is the funniest character that has ever graced the pages of Marvel Comics. Wade Wilson knows he is just a comic book construct created and controlled by people in another dimension. So he acts like a nut-job and a maniac knowing there is literally nothing the world could do that may destroy his plot armor. And at times, Deadpool’s antics make for some funny comic book moments that are memorable as heck.

Shouldn’t Have Said That Hazmat Dude

He deserved that one. No dump his body in space Wade. That guy does not deserve returning back to Earth.

He Said Traps

Deadpool really has a rather weird sense of humor. That traps joke was so good, for him. We still do not know why he is laughing.

Only Wade Has The Balls To Say That To Wolverine

Deadpool, forever the jokester. Wolverine, forever the grumpster. It’s a match made in heaven. Do we hear wedding bells?

You Know Nothing, Jon Sn….We Mean Bullseye

You think you know stupidity? Wait till you meet Deadpool. Wade Wilson will take you on a wild ride and show you what a real fool looks like.

Oliver Queen, Is That you?

For five years, he was on an island. He has become someone else, something else. He is now a dead man. Seriously who kills himself with a bow and arrow dude!!

The Smurfs Have Met Their Match

We used to do that to ants when we were kids. Deadpool has the body of a grown man but he is still a kid at heart. Sadly he is more fascinated with burning Smurfs with concentrated solar radiation rather than ants.

That Must Have Hurt Spidey!

Deadpool’s getting married. But he sure could have used a pagan sacrifice ritual where he kills a virgin. Spider-Man fits the bill.

You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Your Brains

Deadpool is one of the most well-known members of the X-Force team. Sadly, the X-Force knows his antics a little too well. But they still cannot get rid of the guy.

The Human Infomercial

Deadpool’s puns do not always make sense. But when they do, boy the burn hurts like hell. Taskmaster is one of the most resilient villains we have ever seen. And even he couldn’t survive Wade Wilson’s puns.

We Feel Ya, Deadpool!

The Fourth Wall Is Strong With This One

Deadpool Meets Daredevil – The Man Without Fear

Shrewd is his middle name, ladies and gentlemen.

Deadpool Hates Vegans

We would have done the same thing. No judgment there.

Everybody Calm The F Down

Deadpool + Thor

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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