15 Epic Movie Details You Didn’t Notice (Until Now)

Some films are so great with the stories and casts and their performances, that we often do not notice the minute details which are extraordinary. Here are 15 such details all of us missed.

1. Interstellar

Christopher Nolan planted 500 acres of Corn for the film as he did not want to use CGI. After the shoot was over, he actually sold the corn and added to the budget of the film.

2.  Spider-Man 2

In the movie, Peter Parker says he needed a “strong focus” before jumping off a building. He ends up landing on a Ford “focus” which does not face any damage.

3.  Django Unchained

Franco Nero, the OG Django from 1966 film starred in the remake and asked Django (in the new film) his name and how it was spelled. “The D is silent” is what the lead responds. And Nero says “I know” (of course he does)

4. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The clock which was atop of Grand Central Station was replaced with a Memorial to First Responders. This was replaced as the original was destroyed in The First Avengers Film during the Battle Of New York.

5. IT ( 2017)

In the remake of “IT” by Stephen King, Pennywise the clown can be seen hiding on the town’s murals.

6. Batman (1989)

When the Joker poisoned beauty hygiene products in Gotham, the news anchors actually stopped wearing makeup. (Not really attractive eh?)

7. Beauty And The Beast (2017)

When turned to human, Cogsworth’s mustache is uneven just like the hands of a clock

8. Unthinkable

A guy is shown trying to defuse a nuclear bomb with excel.

9. John Wick/ John Wick 2

The films were released 3 years apart but the story was set 4 days apart. Thus, the cars outside the Continental Hotel are the same ones.

10.  Batman Returns

The shadow from Selena Kyle’s glasses foreshadows her transformation into Catwoman.

11. Fargo (1996)

Steve Buscemi aka Carl, delivers this line when there are exactly 30 minutes remaining in the movie.

12. Back to the Future

When Marty goes into the past, he runs over one of the two trees. The name of the mall thus changes.

13. Cars

In this scene, the canyons are all old cars and hood ornaments. (This is a brilliant touch)

14. Inside Out

These were some intense yet best details in a “kid’s” movie.

15.  Matrix

In the series, they could not hide the camera in the doorknob’s reflection. In order to hide it, they put a coat over it and even a tie as same as Morpheus’

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