15 Extremely Hilarious Doctor Strange Memes Which Will Delight True Fans

We all were left kind of puzzled when Doctor Strange sacrificed his Time Stone to save Tony Stark. It left a lot of questions. Was it necessary? Is Iron Man crucial to save the universe from Thanos? However, we are not here for that. We are here for the most hilarious Doctor Strange memes. And here we go!

1. Well that is the actual kind of training Benedict needs. However, we will settle for what we saw.

2. Could this be any more true?

3. Ah and the bargain will be successful. Because Doctor is here.

4. Hey that is my simple solution to everything.

5. They are literally inseperable. Oh you two. Perfect couple.

6. Or should we say awesome Sherlock bros.

7. Would you excuse him for a moment?

8. This is just perfect actually.

9. And here we roll in the first solo DoctOR Strange movie.

10. But they did say Camera is off.

11. Well didn’t know that.

12. You should go and watch Hobbit.

13. This is just so much to believe. Or I should say so awesome to believe.

14. Try to understand me officer.

15. Brush up your knowledge Mr. Kent.

Doctor Strange is one of the underrated characters. No one ever thought that we could have a movie entirely dedicated to me. But hats off to Cumberbatch.


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