The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been entertaining the audiences for more than a decade now. The Avengers and their allies have fought all kinds of villains to save the world from getting destroyed on multiple occasions.

Every movie that has come out of this tried and tested formula from the MCU has had its audience hooked from the beginning. And for the absolute crazy Marvel fans, these movies are nothing less than gold.

And this gold is also what the memes are that are borne of these movies. The numerous memes that related the everyday life to the Marvel movies are absolutely hilarious. And we, along with the diehard Marvel fans, can’t get enough of them.

Here are 15 such memes from the Marvel world that shows our everyday lives amazingly.

  1. My Worried Friend and I

Thor and Valkyrie giving us those “Hey man, you okay?” vibes.

  1. Why Toe, Why?

For those moments when you really want to scream, but can’t.

  1. Well Honey, You See…

Will you tell me why you did that? No. I don’t think I will.

  1. Someone Who Speaks My Language

One memer to another – Finally!

  1. I Could Have, But I Didn’t!

I am  better person than him, okay? Much. Much better.

  1. Centrist J J J

I don’t care about anything other than those photos. Peter! Where are my photos?

  1. That’s Fair

Did he really think Loki wouldn’t do what was right in front of him? Does he even know Loki?

  1. Never Forget!

Never every forget. Ever!

  1. Do You Know How?

Sitwell be like – Why is this my life? Why?

  1. Just Some Guy

He looked like you, but fatter! Kinda weird looking guy, really!

  1. You Know

I Don’t Want To Know Any Secrets. None of them. Please!

  1. You Actually Like This?

This is absolute garbage! How can you  like this shit?

  1. It’s Weird, But Okay!

Tried and tested formula, my friend. Tried. And tested.

  1. Years And Years Of It Down The Drain!

War Machine be like – Why am I even on the team? Like, wut?

  1. I Know, Bruh!

I can do this all day, pal. All frigging day.

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