Hawkeye does not get the recognition and spotlight he truly deserves. Thankfully, these eagle eyed fans were able to point out what we are missing out on.

The Guy Knows How To Give A Damn Good Speech

Hawkeye is a man fighting besides literal Gods. But does he flinch? he knows his duty, no matter how small, is important. He sees the human side of a fight.

Endgame Hawkeye Was Badass

The man lost everything. So he became totally unhinged. Be it Time Travel or jumping from cliff on an alien planet, Clint was ready to do anything to get the job done, his safety be damned.

That Farm is His best Kept Secret

Nobody actually thought Clint Barton would be a family man. The man is full of surprises.

Clint Should’ve Been In WandaVision

If only Clint was there, Wanda may not have trapped an entire town in a painful illusion. Clint would have reasoned with her and she would have happily taken down the Hex for him.

When You Know An Actor Was Born To Play A Role

Jeremy Renner improvised many of his lines in the movies. Joss Whedon confirmed it in an interview.

Balls Of Steel

Hawkeye is a hardened veteran. He knows when to duck and when to show no fear. When a kitchen knife was thrown at him, Clint didn’t even blink. Hell he did not even move a muscle. How can someone be so stupendously brave?

Just Going To Leave It Out Here

His kids would not be happy. His wife might throw another Kitchen Knife at her husband when he returns home.

Don’t Bring An Arrow To An Energy Blaster Fight

Imagine having the last laugh against a God literally called the God of Mischief. Clint outwitted an entire army with just 32 freaking arrows.

Hawkeye Does Not Give A Damn

Friendly reminder – Never piss Hawkeye off. The guy only knows one way to fight with his enemies – with deadly intent.

That Age Of Ultron Moment When Hawkeye Saw Wanda Coming

None of the Avengers escaped her magic. Only Hawkeye and his super sharp senses were able to sense her presence. Can we just start worshipping him already.

Could Hawkeye Be A Captain America Candidate?

We almost always forget this scene. Hawkeye throwing Cap’s shield is something we should all know. It’s so damn perfect.

Hawkeye Woke Up That Day & Chose Violence

It’s like he does not even care about the fact that the prison he is currently in is probably entirely made out of Stark tech. He just wants to say what he wants to say.

Hawkeye The Angel

That was One Continuous Shot Folks!! How Did We Miss This!!!

No One Saw That Coming

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