15 Hilarious But Rare Behind The Scenes Photos From All The Batman Movies

 “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”- Batman.

Created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane way back in 1939.
Batman has been a theoretical character behind countless Television shows and movies. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars from Michael Keaton to George Clooney to Christian Bale to Ben Affleck and now Robert Pattinson all have played the Dark Knight.

One of the toughest person in the entire DC universe Batman made his first appearance in the Detective Comics issue 27 in 1939, and have since then been on of the most merciless and hard superhero without any powers.
Batman still had his cool gadgets to bring down Bad guys.

It’s better known among fans about how a billionaire, playboy, became a badass ruthless superhero and detective of all time.

We knew that Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed in front of his eyes when he was just a boy leading him to take on Batman’s mantle.

But have you ever been on behind the sets of any of the Batman live-action movies?

With Robert Pattinson being in the news for becoming the new Batman, we at Animated Times have thought of not taking our fans through a trip to behind the scenes of all the Batman movies so far.
Sounds devastating…

Let’s hop into the list to see through ourselves see 15 Hilarious But Rare Behind The Scenes Photos From All Batman Movies that have been made so far.

15. Batman Behind-The-Scenes:

Batman behind the shooting camera

14. Joking Around:

Joker on the sets of batman movie

13. Dr. Seuss’ Classic ‘One Face, Two Face’:

12. Bane’s Body:

Painting Bane's Body

11. When You’re Really Afraid Of Heights:

10. ‘Hey Guys, Look At How Real This Bat Looks.’

9. Back-Breaking Buds:

8. Clownin’ Around:

7. Tangled Up:

6. How To Be Scary 101:

5. The Dark Knight Rises… With A Lot Of Help:

4. When Gotham City Is A Green Screen:

3. Frozen:

2. LOL I Hate You:

1. ‘Batman, Guess My Favorite Color’

So this was one hell of a roller coaster ride through some of the behind the scenes of all the Batman movies that have ever been.

But as we are talking so much about BTS, let us give you a brief fact about what do the word behind the scene really means.

Well fun fact, if something happens behind-the-scenes, it happens without most of the people knowing about it.
The BTS is a major part of every movie as it makes all the flaws perfect for the final shot.

Thus, the scenes are made for the magic to happen when the directors show their skills to make completely stunning movies.

So when it comes to the Batman movie, we fans get a little over-exaggerated as what we see on the big screen is what we admire and wish for.

Especially if we talk about Batman’s gadgets and his stunning Batmobile.
We fans want all of the dark knight’s equipment to become Batman ourselves…

We fans have always wondered what a director and his team go through while creating sick-ass movies and how much hard work they put in.

The wait is over now!!

As we at Animated Times have dug deep into all the BTS of the Batman movies so far and have compiled a list for our fans to enjoy.


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