15 Moments from DC Animated Series that Made The Adults Uncomfortable!

Who said cartoons are for children? No matter how old you are, you are going to enjoy them. And lets be a bit bias, but DC Animated Cartoons are just kickass. I mean they have the perfect animation, the perfect excitement, the finest stories and the most sexy intimate scenes. Some of those scenes are so intimate that would make even the adults a bit uncomfortable. So, we at Animated Times decided to put them all together and present to you the top 15 such scenes. Get ready for some action, I mean the other type of action. Here we go.

15. Harley Quinn and Deadshot!

You could find the love making between the naughty Harley and the Deadshot in Assault on Arkham. The nutcase Quinn kind of always had a thing for strong and tough guys. She was all over Deadshot in the entire movie. And when she exposed her naked body, even Deadshot couldn’t resist.

14. When Steve Trevor made a move!

In the animated Wonder Woman movie, Trevor tries to get Diana drunk. However, she is Wonder Woman. Steve fails miserably in his mission and ends up getting drunk himself. He tries to make a move but fall flat on the ground.

13. Dark Knight discovers Wonder Woman

This happened in the famous Dark Knight Returns. Joker abducted Selina Kyle and dressed her up in Wonder Woman costume. It was insulting but Batman was glad that Selina was alive.

12. Starfire and NightWing

It was the Judas Contract in which we finally saw some of the love making between the long time lovers.

11. The tricks of Batwoman.

Batman was missing in Batman: Bad Blood. Seeing that Gotham needs a savior, it was Kathy Kane who took up the mantle of Batwoman. She partnered with Dick Grayson and they kind of started sharing stuffs which sort of developed an uncomfortable chemistry between the two.

10. Harley – The Stripper

Thanks to Batman and Harley Quinn, we got a good view of Harley’s body. Night Wing wakes up to find him tied up to his bed. Harley Quinn put on a strip show to seduce Night Wing. He tried hard to resist, but ended up enjoying the show.

9. The Killing of Barbara Gordon

The Killing Joke was indeed one of the most disturbing movies of Batman. The reason was violence and a lot of uncomfortable scenes. One such scene was the killing of Barbara Gordon. Joker shot her up and tore her clothes apart.

8. Naked Killer Frost breaks in Arkham

With the ability to maintain her body temperature way below normal, it was a left hand’s job for Killer Frost to break into Arkham’s morgue as a corpse. This happened in Suicide Squad, when Amanda Waller sent them on a mission to retrieve Riddler’s thumb gun.

7. StarFire and Nightwing’s videochat

This scene actually made a lot of us uncomfortable. Star Fire and Nightwing were having a casual video chat on how much they are missing each other. However, Starfire lays down and then it happens.

6. Bruno vs Robin

Well, this happened in the iconic The Dark Knight Returns. Bruno was a bare chested woman with Swastika carved on her boobies. Seeing the young Carrie Kelly fight Bruno kind of made us feel awkward.

5. Harley Teaches A Lesson

“You could stare as much as you want,but you couldn’t touch.” In Batman and Harley Quinn, Nightwing visits a bar full of waitresses in superhero costumes. One of them was Harley Quinn. When a customer tried to make a move, he got the best of Harley.

4. Deathstroke and Terra

It again happened in the Judas Contract. Terra believed that her relation with Deathstroke is genuine and they are made for each other. However, the much older Slade didn’t have the same view. Seeing the teenager seducing Slade was not a treat to the eyes.

3. Aquaman and Wonder Woman affair.

The Flashpoint Paradox is a master stroke in the field of animation movies. However, there was just one moment that didn’t seem appropriate. And that was the love making between Aquaman and Diana. Aquaman cheated on Meera and slept with Wonder Woman.

2. Nightwing and Harley Quinn enjoys the night

When Harley untied Nightwing and started getting dressed up, Nightwing resisted. He was excited and wanted to have a good time. When Batman came in to rescue Nightwing, he heard some noises and was sure that it is not Nightwing who needs saving.

1. The Rooftop Hookup

It came in the Killing Joke. This Batwoman is new, and much much younger than Bruce Wayne. She wanted to prove to Bruce that she is now a trained vigilante and is ready to take on the bad guys. However, Batman disapproves and the couple got in an argument. And it all got solved by just a lovely smooch on the lips.

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