15 Shows You “Like” Due To Peer Pressure But Secretly Think It’s Cancer

We as a society need to understand that just because everyone else will like utter crap, we are not going to fall for it. We have our own choices to make.

Breaking Bad

Many consider Breaking Bad to be the greatest show that was ever made. Meet any Breaking Bad fan and they would list out the feats of Heisenberg. But far too many people have complained the show is utterly uninteresting and relies too much on characterization and less on story.

The IT Crowd

A beloved British Sitcom, this show is definitely not for everyone. But since it is so high rated, we kind of fall into the “everybody likes it so I must too” trap. Personally, this crass and crude form of British humor never got to us.

The Office

People rave about how The Office is the best sitcom that was ever made. The Office fans kind of look down on every other sitcom they find and its disgusting at times. The show is good but not worth the hype its fan base fans it with. Many will not even get the jokes. Some even term it as unfunny.

This Is Us

People call it a Small Screen manifestation of a live Adele concert. It’s a cry festival. Honestly we do not get why the fans fawn over this show so much. It’s slow and only ends up making you even sadder.

Stranger Things

It started out as good. The plot was innovative and the characters were likable. As more and more seasons came, it just turned into yet another one of those Hollywood cash-grab schemes. Stranger Things lost its charms years ago but its fans will never accept reality.

The Good Place

We will give them this – the writers really busted their butts to come up with such a fresh, unique premise. But the scriptwriters really, really screwed up with the plot. There are so many plot holes and the story drags at multiple places.

The Big Bang Theory

One thing to notice is that despite the unoriginal story, it dragged on for multiple seasons. People like the show because of some very specific scenes. It’s a racist show that derives joy and fun from making jokes about stereotypes – the lowest form of humor.


For some it’s the laugh tracks. For some its the small cast of characters. For others it’s the cancerous fan base that doe snot know when to stop talking.

Grey’s Anatomy

If people wanted to watch drama, they would watch Downtown Abbey. if they wanted to watch Doctors in action, they would watch House. Grey’s Anatomy tries sailing both boats at once and fails. Things escalate after Season 6 to be honest.

Modern Family

Many viewers claim the show uses rehashed jokes from earlier seasons and even uses ancient sitcom tropes because the writers cannot think of anything unique.

The Sopranos

The pacing and the plot direction were a travesty. Besides the show consistently highlighted criminals as heroes of the society. Not a good thing when millions of people watch it loyally. The violence was too much to handle.

Sex & The City

There is no combination of four words that sounds so synonymous with the word “Annoying” as Sex & The City.

13 Reasons Why

This show feeds off of people’s depression. It makes it look like every dark feeling and nightmare you have ever had could be real in the near future.

How I Met Your Mother

Another copycat show that tried stealing the spotlight off of other popular shows with a similar setting. How I Met Your Mother was flawed from the start to the finish. The ending was bad and you know it.


Talk about the opposite of aging like fine wine. Lost is what you get if you fawn over a show and hype it too much. Every Lost fan ended up hating it but were too scared to admit it since they had already invested so much time and effort into it.

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