15 Super Hilarious Moments Of Deadpool Breaking The Fourth Wall In Comic Books

We all know that one thing Deadpool is really really famous for is for breaking the fourth wall. And this is one of the biggest reasons he is our favorite Anti hero. When Deadpool first made his on screen appearance he started by greeting his viewers and telling them how he got his own solo movie.

However, one side effect of this power is this. Deadpool might be funny on the outside but deep inside he is very very depressed. He knows that he is just an entertainer for his audience and has got NO LIFE of his own.

But we will keep that aside. Let’s concentrate only on the funny side as we bring to you the funniest top 15 Deadpool memes.

1. We know that DP has always had a connection with being an X-Man.

2. I think Deadpool is actually really really good at remembering comic names.

3. Hey DP! Remember you should never ever miss with Howard The Duck.

4. This one is damn hilarious. One of my favorites in this.

5. The collaboration of these two is always epic.

6. Don’t worry Deadpool, we are always here for you.

7. You should never question the working style of Batman. After all he is Batman.

8. Hey DP? Haven’t you met Howard the Duck then?

9. Try to control your laughter on this one.

10. Holy shit! Even Mr. Ghost can’t escape the wit of Deadpool.

11. These two are the funniest ever.

12. Oh Deadpool! You should learn the right time of when to speak up and when to keep mum. Such a rookie mistake it is.

13. This is a clear suggestion that writers should make the comics a bit more lengthier.

14. When Deadpool tried to teach Wolverine how this fourth wall thing works.

15. See. Deadpool has got a direct connection with us. You tell us the things, and we share it Deadpool. It makes Deadpool to like us.

16. No Deadpool! Always remember one thing. The only color which suits you is Red. Black is secondary. Yellow is no where in question.


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