15 Things Fans Should Know About The Infinity Gauntlet

Everyone is aware of the fact that Infinity Gauntlet is the most powerful and most desired item of the Marvel Universe.

Its composition is made up of six different Infinity Stones with six different elements. These are Time, Soul, Power, Reality, Mind and Space.

As with every day we get close to Avengers: Infinity War, it’s quite intriguing to fathom what the Marvel Universe has in store for us and we all are anticipating for the wait to get over. Since the weapon has a long history, here is a compilation of some of the terrific facts and stories.


Galactus is on the list of the most powerful beings of the Marvel Universe. He has always had a thirst for the Infinity Gauntlet. His thirst was never met as he wasn’t ever able to get his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet. Although, he has had all the Infinity Stones at one point in time but was never able to concur the Infinity Gauntlet.


Illuminati was a secret group originally made by Professor X, Black Bolt and Doctor Strange. Illuminati was responsible to tackle with the larger problems of the Marvel Universe.

At one point of time, Iron Man stops the Hood from using the weapon and takes a decision on wearing the Gauntlet himself. He and Illuminati, later on, hide the weapon and trick everyone to believe that the Gauntlet has been written off from the reality.


The user of the Infinity Gauntlet can change time, shape and reality. Which also makes us think that with its own power the Gauntlet itself can be destroyed but that is not possible as Mr. Fantastic Tried to do that and failed miserably.

And destroying the Gauntlet can imbalance the entire Universe. So, it comes back to square one, that is, to hide all the stones and hope no mad Titan finds it.


We all think that the Infinity Gauntlet gives its user immense power but lesser know it also makes the user a genius. And the combination of both can get as deadly as one may fathom. Still, do we wonder why is every creature in the Universe after the Infinity Gauntlet?


We all are bummed about the fact that Adam Warlock would not be making an appearance in The Infinity War . With a story line, in which he was said to be unworthy of the Gauntlet by the Living Tribunal , it was later decided that it is the best to scatter the Infinity stones across the Universe.


No, we are not joking. In a certain turn of events Santa Claus borrows the Infinity Gauntlet fro Illuminati . The power of the Gauntlet turns him corrupt and insane and he starts destroying everything. He is later stopped by Namor with a snowball (well, obviously) and here the story ends.


It may sound astonishing but yes Nebula did steel the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos while he was in the Astral Plane. The robotic corpse, brings herself to life wwith the help of the Gauntlet and throws Thanos into the space. Thanos is saved by Doctor Strange and he works with the heroes to get Nebula turn things back to the time where the stones were not even found.


Humorverse is the Universe which is also called the Marble Universe. In this universe all the characters are the parodies of the Superheroes like Nick Furious, Blue and Black Panther, Chaplain America etc. In this Universe Thermos wants to acquire the Infinity Mitt and destroys the Marble Universe only to find out that Death already has a boyfriend.


Adam Warlock had a dark version of himself called the Magus. He as Magus collected all the Infinity Stones and the Gauntlet with the help of Thanos and Doctor Doom. But Magus does not know that one stone is fake. Adam Warlock , then with the help of Eternity and Infinity traps Magus in the Soul Stone.


No we are not mixing up the Universes. But in a story line, Darkseid gets hold of the Infinity Gauntlet but is not able to yield its power as the Infinity Gauntlet cannot be used in any other Universe other than the Marvel Universe. As a result, the Gauntlet goes to Thanos.


The Infinity Stones also have a dark story. The stones came out from an omnipotent being. Although very power , he was the last of his specie. Loneliness engulfed him and he killed himself. The stones were the core elements of his powers. It is a sad and dark backstory .


Black Panther , being the king of the dead convinced zombies to join him in a battle against Doctor Doom who ruled the universe. Black Panther did get his hands on the Gauntlet but the power could be unleashed only in Doctor Dooms palace . Infinity Gauntlet is used as a distraction to distract Doctor Doom from his Beyonder power and defeat him.


The original Fantastic Four have died and the new Fantastic Four comprises of Iron Man, Spider Man , Wolverine and Hulk. Wolverine first acts as an adviser to Thanos and with right opportunity kicks of the Gauntlet from the hands of Thanos , Spider Man wears the Gauntlet and undo every barbarity done by Thanos.


When Earth-616 was threatened by the incursions of the Universe, Illuminati took the ultimate decision to use the Infinity Gauntlet. Captain America wore the Gauntlet and pushed the Earth back as it crashes into Earth-616. In the process, all stones are destroyed , only the Time Stone is left which also disappears but later appears to throw all the avengers into the future.


There exists only two powers that are more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet: The Living Tribunal and the One-Above-All. The One-Above-All is the oversees the Tribunal .But we all can recall Mordo mentioning The Living Tribunal in Doctor Strange. Might it be the key to defeating Thanos?

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