It is true that the Dark Knight never fails to amaze us with his gadgets and his Bat-mobiles. But we are not going to talk only about that.

In some story-lines, Batman comes up with some amazing armor and some other cool powers that astonishes the viewers and keep them stick to the seats.

But being honest, some of those versions were really weak and some were just too overpowered. Here is the list of 15 Versions of Batman, from Weakest to Overpowered.


Simple Batman
Credits: CBR

You might be thinking that the simple Batman with his simple suit and simple Batmobile could still be one of the most powerful superheroes of all time.

But hate to disappoint you, he is nothing when compared to the other versions of Batman we will be talking about. So let’s bring in some real action.


Batman Punching Superman in DARK KNIGHT RETURNS
Credits: CBR

In 1986, The Dark Knight Returns comics came out.

For the first time, viewers got to witness a darker, brutal and a much older version of Batman.

This one said no to guns and used only his fists to fight the criminals. Not only that, he also figured out a way to fight the Man Of Steel.


Weakest to Strongest Batman
Credits: CBR

Bruce Wayne has reached his age and transferred the mantle of the Dark Knight to Terry McGinnis.

Though a teenager, Terry’s Batman is equipped with a high tech suit with rocket flying shoes, disappearance and many more.

With offensive capabilities like the ability to fire batarangs, fire smoke and gas pellets and enhanced speed and accuracy in a pretty light weighted suit, Batman beyond version is far better than the traditional one.


Bat Knights
Credits: CBR

A Batman grafted of the exoskeleton. Sounds dangerous?

Well its a lot more dangerous than you think it is.

Mark Waid and Alex Ross came up with the idea of Kingdom Come Batman in 1996.

Batman built, controlled and let a team of Bat Robots called Bat-Knights as he became the ruler of Gotham City. Lex Luthor created more of the Bat-Knights to grasp his control over Gotham.


Infected Barman fighting Justice League
Credits: CBR

In 2014, Justice League # 35 came into the market.

In the comic, Lex Luthor creates an Amazo virus plague to suppress the metahuman abilities.

However, Batman gets infected with this virus which makes him so powerful that he could single-handedly fight with the entire Justice League. Yes, He’s going from weakest to the strongest.


Batman Hit by omega wave
Credits: CBR

Everyone is aware that the Darkseid’s omega wave is the deadliest weapon in all of DC Universe.

When Batman gets hit by those, he goes back in time, while everyone thinks that he is dead.

When he comes back to the present, he tests the Bat Family with new suit and armor which contains a bit of power from the Justice League members.

9. BATMAN ’66

Adam West as BATMAN
Credits: CBR

Surprised to see this on the list?

Well, Adam West portrayed one of the most powerful on-screen Batman. With thermal underwear, bulletproof shield, Bat-shark repellent, this version of Batman had literally everything.


Batman as Dracula
Credits: CBR

In a 1991 series, Dracula haunts the Gotham City. Luckily enough, Dracula was able to infect the Batman making him so brutally strong that he lost his humanity.

He killed his archenemy, the Joker, and the entire Dracula army. However, he lost himself in the battle.


853rd Century Batman
Credits: CBR

In 1998, in a mega-crossover, DC introduced a Batman from the 853rd century.

Just imagine if the 20th century Batman was so advanced, then what powers would be possessed by Mr. 853.

DC ONE MILLION BATMAN had a fireproof suit with camouflage, night vision, telepathic powers, teleportation and almost everything one could think of. Indeed one of the strongest Batman.


Batman as Green Lantern
Credits: CBR

In 1994, Batman: Darkest Knights, Green Lantern gave Batman his ring.

He was able to transform his mastermind thoughts into reality. One of his biggest accomplishments as Green Lantern was protecting Red HOOD to become the Joker.


Batman Ranked- Weakest to Overpowered
Credits: CBR

Okay, let me be clear. The story of 1993 is simple. Kal El’s spaceship is found by Waynes rather than Kents.

So Superman is raised as Bruce Wayne. When his parents are murdered, Bruce Wayne, who is already fully equipped with the power of Superman, learns martial arts and become Batman: Speeding Bullets.


HellBat- 4rd Strongest Batman
Credits: CBR

Cyborg designs the HellBat suit which gives Batman enhanced speed, strength and durability.

The cape could also let him fly, make tentacles he could control and gives him the power of invisibility.


Batman being White Lantern
Credits: CBR

Though Batman wore that ring for a very short period of time, it made him the most powerful being on the planet.

The White Lantern ring could control the Green Lantern Corps and could literally make you God.


Batman on Mobius CHair
Credits: CBR

In 2015, Darkseid Wars, Justice League encountered Metron who was powered by his Mobius Chair.

However, Wonder Woman lasso-ed him out of the chair and Batman took control of the chair. This made him the god of all knowledge.

The chair made him omnipotent, giving him telepathy powers. With enhanced strength and hyped mental abilities, Mobius Chair Batman makes the list at No. 2 of Batman Ranking from weakest to overpowered.


The most powerful batman in the world
Credit: CBR

Just have a look at the above image? Could you feel the power?

Yes. In 2008, the Trinity bought the most powerful trio in the entire comic world. It was discovered that the trio, Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman were the keystone to the power of multi-universe.

However the reality is changed, and Batman is the only member of Trinity alive in the new reality.

Batman called as the Atmahn the Night Judge in the new reality. He was nothing less than a literal God.

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