16 Epic Crossover Fan-Arts That Are Going to Surprise You Big Time!

There’s no denying the fact that big screen crossovers are amazing. But, there are usually a lot of limitations involved in a certain crossover. Certain characters can only crossover if they are owned by a particular studio. It’s very seldom that multi-fandom crossovers happen on the big screen. But, that doesn’t mean that those events cannot happen in fan-arts, YouTube videos, or even our imagination. Here are 16 amazing crossover fan-arts that are going to surprise you:


No, he isn’t called “The Child.” He isn’t Baby Yoda. He is not even called Grogu. His real name is Groku! Are you listening Favreau?

One Punch Caillou!

When did Saitama become so sweet?

Mutie and the Beast!

This is how the MCU should retcon Hank McCoy. Come on Disney. Make it happen!

The Incredible Bird!

Bird Smash!!!


Those cannons are going to shoot fire balls now.

Winnie the Ted

I’m going to let it sink in.

Finally Someone’s Corrected It!

Finally, my childhood dilemma has been solved! Samurai Jack is the father of the Powerpuff girls.

Beware Who You Sit On!

Ronald McDonald is not your friend. He just wants to watch the world burn!

Peter Simpson…

The best crossover ever!

The Sleeping Fattie

zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz. Some one come and kiss me!

Mortal Elsa!

Has Disney been stealing from Warner Bros,? Well probably not. They are going to lose their sh*ts if this turned out to be true.


To counter this force, we’re going to need Kakarot Ketchum. Or maybe Groku.

Teenage Pokemon Ninja Squartle!

I’ve never seen Squartle so angry.

The Precious Dobby…

At least Gollum’s wearing some clothes now.

Marshmallow Max

Can’t hug Baymax now.

Doc and Marty

Rick and Morty’s true faces have been unveiled.

Which of these surprising crossovers would you like to see in films or shows? Tell us in the comments.

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