16 Impossible Naruto Fan-Arts We All Wanted To Happen

For many, Naruto was the gateway to a whole new world. A classic and legendary Shonen anime, Naruto has literally everything you could ever ask for. A mix of all genres, Naruto has action, adventure, romance, drama, suspense, the supernatural, and fantasy in equal amounts. But those are not the only reason we like the anime and manga. Naruto is known for three things – its exceptional world-building, a gripping story arc, and of course – its many well-crafted characters. The world of Naruto is no stranger to death and loss. Many beloved characters we fell in love with while watching the anime suffered sudden, untimely deaths. Naruto kept killing off fan-favorite characters, creating voids no one else could fill. That’s the beauty of this anime. There’s so much for each character to tell but you never know when you have to say goodbye.

These fan arts depict events that never took place in Naruto. But we all low-key wished they happen somehow. Some might still be hopeful.

Jiraiya and Tsunade were two people who were destined to be like the Sun and the Moon. Jiraiya knew he could never win her heart but his light would still light Tsunade for the years leading to his death. Tsunade never returned his feelings because of the loss of a loved one in the past. Jiraiya deserved better. Both deserved better.

How could would it have been for the students of the Great Toad Sage to finally meet up? Naruto, Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan could have had so much fun together. Naruto could have finally have some friends other than Sasuke and Sakura, who to be frank, weren’t as friendly to him in the early days.

We can still picture Obito fawning over Rin when she is not looking. Kakashi’s students would have pulled his leg relentlessly. Literally everyone knew that Obito had a thing for Rin, except Rin for some reason. Naruto would have enjoyed so much.

Kakashi and Yamato taught a lot of things to Naruto. But could Obito have done a better job since his childhood resonated with Naruto’s the most? We think so too.

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Naruto’s parents deserved to see how happy and content his son’s life had become after the Fourth Shinobi World War. They paid the ultimate price to see their son live. Seeing him with Hinata was everything they could have ever asked for.

The Three Uchihas would have made for a great team. Shishui – Master of the Body Flicker, Itachi – Expert of Illusion, and Sasuke – the Ninjutsu Specialist. They would have made Jounin in no time.

Let’s be frank. Obito was everything Rin could ever ask for in a man. But Obito did not deserve Rin. This gem of a guy did everything he ever did because he loved her and this woman remained so opaque and oblivious. Nevertheless, we still want to see Obito happy. This fan-art is what we all want.

The Hyuga kid prodigy’s death was uncalled for and very unfortunate. People were already shipping Tenten and Neji together. It’s such a pity.

Another death we never saw coming. Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi were always meant to be together. Asuma did live a daughter behind. If only he could come back to see his child Mirai and his wife Kurenai again.

As usual, Kakashi is taking it way too easily while Rin and Obito have just given up on how to deal with him. A sight for sore eyes if you ask us.

If Itachi was alive, he would have made mincemeat out of his little brother. Sasuke would have become the laughing stock and the butt of endless jokes in his family. And there’s nothing he could do about it.

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Asuma would have wanted Shikamaru Nara to become Mirai’s Godfather should anything happen to him. All Shikamaru would have said is – “It’s so troublesome”.

Hell yeah. All hail Lord Jiraiya!! He survived. HE SURVIVED!! I don’t care if its a fan art. He freaking survived!!! he lives.

We wonder what kind of a monstrous genius Itachi’s son would have become. Maybe he would be born with the Mangekyou Sharingan or something.

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Sarada is yet to receive the finger flick treatment from his uncle Itachi. Wait why is she blushing?

If there was one character we truly felt bad for even though he managed to stay alive throughout, its Kakashi. For all his gifts and talents, Kakashi was left with no one to go back to at the end of the day. He was left with no family since Masashi Kishimoto refrained from pairing the character with anyone. Can they just bring his father Sakumo Hatake back and call it a day?

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