17 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Following Social Distancing

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As we all know that there is been a serious Outbreak in the world due to this COVID-19 virus, people have been quarantine in their homes to be safe from this disease. And has of now by the reports of WHO there have been about 22,56,844 confirmed patients of Corona virus worldwide among them 1,54,350 Deaths have occurred so far and about 5,71,851 people have been recovered from this menacing disease worldwide. As suggested by The World Health Organization, the symptoms of COVID-19 is when a person who has this virus he coughs or sneezes, they spray small droplets of liquid from their nose or mouth which may contain the virus and if a person is too close to them they could even breathe in the droplets, including the disease. So in order to avoid this spreading of virus people were advice to maintain at least 1 meter of distance between themselves and anyone else, while going out in case of emergency and that was the whole concept of Social Distancing. But there are some moronic people who don’t care what the world has to say and don’t care to follow the guidelines. Even animals all around are following the process of Social Distancing, but not these idiots. So in an attempt to help some people to know what Social Distancing really is Animated Times have collected a list which shows animals “practicing” social distancing during this pandemic.

1 Even Cats Know What Is Social Distancing:


2 Cat’s Distancing In Japan:


3 Somewhere In Poland…..


4 Cat Doing Social Distancing At A Grocery:


5 Even The Seagulls Get It!!!


6 Dog From Local News Does Social Distancing….


7  Social Distancing In Zagreb By The Street Dogs:


8 Peacocks observing #Social Distancing…..


9 Dogs Respect And Understand Social Distance:


10 The Moose Are Performing Social Distancing:


11 Social Ducktancing!!!


12 Romeo And Mewliet Doing Romance In Social Distancing!!!


13 We are Performing are Bid:


14 Doing Social Distance In Karachi, Pakistan….


15 Social Distancing Taken Seriously By The Birds:


16 Meanwhile In Wynyard….


17 #Social Distancing!!!


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