“It’s nice to have a crush on someone. It feels like you’re alive, you know?” — Scarlett Johansson

If we recall the days: sitting before the television pondering which outfit Kelly Kapowski would wear today in her endeavors to draw more attention than Zach Morris’ 20-pound cell. Those incredibly hot adolescent/pre-high schooler/everlastingly teen actresses of the ’80s and ’90s strutted around in their cut-off shorts and tank tops, which made it for the most part essential to have a significant cover convenient consistently they were seen in. We had their banners on our walls and in our minds. All things considered, I would genuinely prefer not to realize what was happening in there. The question currently is: what has happened to the most sizzling young ladies of our youth? Sad as it may be, but probably the hottest teen actresses of the ’80s and ’90s are presently inhabitants on the rundown of a bit unattractive actresses.
In contrast, others end up among stars who grew up to look like muppets. But fear not: by far, most of these actresses who were hot in our childhood are as hot or even hotter presently. Before and after the most blazing crushes from our childhood, this rundown is a side-by-side contrast of what happened to the most blazing entertainers from our childhood. Fair warning: some of these outcomes are not pretty. If we fear that our youth’s dreams will be ruined by the sandy vaginas of time, we might be correct. Obviously, a portion of these entertainers is still absolutely boner-worthy. Some of them are as yet working and could without much of a stretch position among the most smoking ladies of primetime, and worth an update in our psychological picture document, so continue with the best before and after pictures of our childhood crushes.

17. Melissa Joan Hart:


16. Alicia Silverstone:


15. Kelly LeBrock:


14. The Spice Girls:


13. Drew Barrymore:


12. Tiffani Amber Thiessen:


11. Soleil Moon Frye:


10. Christine Lakin:


9. Michelle Trachtenberg:


8. Kirsten Dunst:


7. Alyssa Milano:


6. Christina Ricci:


5. Madeline Zima:


4. Marley Shelton:


3. Phoebe Cates:


2. Lacey Chabert:


1. Natalie Portman:

So yes, these are the 17 Of Our Childhood Crushes Then V.S. Now. There are few actresses on the list that I have adored a lot since my childhood, and Kirsten Dunst is one of them.
What about you guys? Which among these actresses is your favorite from the ’90s? Do let us know in the comment section down below… For the time being, keep on reading Animated Times, the World’s Top Destination For Pop culture, Movie & TV Shows, and whatnot.


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