18 Amazing Custom Batpod Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

We all remember the iconic Bat Pod of Christian Bale. The one with the 360 degrees rolling tyres. I mean the only thing I wanted to ride after Cottliard in Batman was this Bat Pod. And it just became a 1000 times more cooler when Catwoman rode it.

But we always have the fans who are ready to take it one level up. And this time they did with the Bat Pod. Here are the 18 best versions of Bat Pod. Be ready to be amazed.

1 Mind Boggling!

2 This looks so classy! Its like made for George Clooney!

3 Which Batman would ride this one?

4 I think Affleck would look so cool on this one!

5 This is so pleasing to my eyes.

6 Endearing!

7 I want this one right one!

8 Imagine freestyling with this one.

9 How beautiful is this~

10 I love this!

11 I am so envious of Batman right now.

12 Hats off to the creation of Lucius Fox.

13 Batman is love!

14 Batpad is my first love.

15 Our dear Caped Crusader is so lucky!

16 I would call this the Dark Knight Pad!


18 Tailor Made for Bale. Christian Bale you pulled off a blinder of Batpod.

19 I would like to see Michelle Pfieffer riding this one.

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