18 Comebacks From The Week That Are A Perfect Burn

Everyone should think before they speak on the internet. But some people don’t take any pause before commenting or posting. There are plenty of them with a clever comeback that are indeed a perfect burn. With that said, here are some of the best comebacks from the week –

15 Dollar Minimum Wage Is Outrageous

A Little More Than A Quick One-Liner

Magikarp Did Him Dirty

The Escape From Reality

Shirtless Diesel On A Yacht

The Power Button

Gamers Are Virtual Cowboy

English Never Changed Since The Printing Press

OTDB (Over The Dead Body)

I Like Your Avatar

My Post Workout Smoothie


Dress Like This 24/7

Dug My Grave

Say It With Me Kids

An Anti-Constitution

Age Prohibited Games

Comparing Apples To Oranges

The Real Money

Prateek Chatterjee
Prateek Chatterjee

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