‘2 Black Eyes, Broken Nose – Still Took Him to Jail’: Johnny Depp’s Win Has Women Starting to Report on Male Domestic Abuse

Who isn’t versed with the infamous Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit? Guess everyone is. This lawsuit indeed bagged a significant amount of attention and resulted in a number of fierce debates among the people supporting the two popular celebs. Even though Amber Heard started as a victim of abuse, she ultimately turned out to be the one to highlight the much-needed social issue which is – Male Domestic Abuse.

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Johnny Depp's Win Has Women Starting to Report on Male Domestic Abuse
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Somehow, we cannot deny the fact that the celebrity couple was sort of equally responsible for getting things to turn out this ugly. However, Amber Heard received a major backlash and a lesser amount of support for being the one to execute violence and use the victim card only because she is a female. This case helped all the men out there to take a stand and speak up for the abuse they have fallen prey to.

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Male domestic abuse wasn’t a talked-about issue before the defamation trial

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp at his trial

During the trial, there was an audio recording that revealed how Amber Heard played her victim card in the name of her being a woman. She constantly kept on asking Johnny Depp to confess in front of the whole world that he was a survivor of domestic abuse. And to our surprise, she was really confident that Johnny Depp won’t be heard. Male domestic abuse isn’t something that we talk about often. Even though almost everyone is opinionated enough these days, accepting that a man is being abused is nearly impossible, thanks to all the stereotypes that state men are much more powerful than women and they cannot be hurt or abused.

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Actor Johnny Depp
Actor Johnny Depp

After Johnny Depp came out as the winner in the defamation trial, a number of male fans came out and opened up about themselves or their known ones falling prey to abuse. Even though it is still hard for most of the population to comprehend and acknowledge male domestic abuse, these tweets will surely prove to you how it is prevalent and JD’s victory helped them voice out their experiences.

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People are coming forward and are showering all their love on the people who have been a victim of domestic abuse. And as mentioned by Camille Vasquez ‘domestic abuse has no gender’ these tweets very well put forth how this is so true. Even though the infamous defamation trial is still a heated topic of discussion, we somehow know that it truly has brought about a change.

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