2 Hints Which Confirm That Green Arrow Will Become The Spectre

Oliver Queen is The Green Arrow. But maybe it's time for him to become someone else, something else.

WARNING: Spoilers for Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 3/Hour Three (Flash Episode)

Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow’s death at the end of hour one of Crisis was shocking and unexpected. We could literally hear people shouting ‘Noooo…’ at their TV screens. But even after his “death” there was a nagging feeling which didn’t go away. It seemed to say that the Green Arrow dying so soon. As we saw in this part of Crisis, that little feeling turned out to be true and Oliver Queen death is indeed more complicated than what we saw.

But we can’t help but mention that Flash twist- did Flash really have to die?

Green Arrow’s Death And Re-Birth

Oliver Queen laid his life to save a billion people on earth 38. Pic courtesy: variety.com
Oliver Queen laid his life to save a billion people on earth 38. Pic courtesy: variety.com

Oliver Queen’s death was always inevitable. But as hour 3 of Crisis showed, it certainly wasn’t permanent. Yet, before we come to his next role in this multi verse changing event; we have to give kudos to the writers for making Green Arrow’s death very comic accurate. In Marv Wolfman and George Pérez’s original Crisis on Infinite Earths, Green Arrow was indeed killed by the Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons. But its really disrespectful if the hero who started off the Arrowverse and gave it its name got killed by a group of henchmen (even though Oliver Queen or the Green Arrow died heroically saving a billion lives). So what’s next you ask- its the Lazarus Pit.

Accepting Green Arrow’s death proved to be hard to the next Green Arrow, his daughter Mia Smoak. So Oliver’s friends and family went to resurect him by using the Lazarus Pit. But anyone who remembers what happened to Sara will know that the Lazarus Pit only revives the body. So Oliver was a body without his soul which made John Constantine, John Diggle and Mia travel to purgatory that looked like Lian Yu (also how can we go without talking about that Lucifer cameo). Lian Yu is what made Oliver Queen into the Green Arrow. Even after his friends pleaded with Oliver to come with them, he opted to stay in purgatory with someone named Jim Corrigan.

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Green Arrow Becomes The Spectre

Jim Corrigan is going to hand over The Spectre mantle to the Green Arrow, Oliver Queen. Pic courtesy: ign.com
Jim Corrigan is going to hand over The Spectre mantle to the Green Arrow, Oliver Queen. Pic courtesy: ign.com

Here’s where it gets interesting- There’s a strong possibility that Oliver Queen/ the Green Arrow is going to become The Spectre. The Spectre debuted in 1940’s More Fun Comics #52. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily. In the story, after Jim Corrigan was murdered, he got revived as the host for The Spectre, who is DC’s spirit of vengeance. The Spectre has almost limitless number of abilities and he was able to right the various wrongs he encountered and he also often used brutal punishment. In the original Crisis, The Spectre was the only hero strong enough to stand up to The Anti-Monitor in a one-on-one battle.

While the Green Arrow has never been The Spectre in the comics, but there’s no reason why he can’t become one in the Arrowverse.

Why are we so sure about our Green Arrow becoming The Spectre? Because after Corrigan confirms that he is The Spectre, he says that it’s time for Oliver to answer to a higher purpose and fulfill his destiny by saving everyone. Moreover, the green hood which Oliver is wearing echoes the green hood of The Spectre in the comics.

The multiverse is almost destroyed, now it’s upto the Green Arrow/The Spectre to bring it back. Also, we would like to see the heroes form the Justice League too, pretty please?

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“Crisis on Infinite Earths” will conclude on Tuesday, Jan. 14, on Arrow at 8 p.m. ET/PT and on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

(Source: cbr.com and heroichollywood.com)

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