As we all are in the End Game now with being locked in our houses because of this Corona Virus Outbreak, Doctors are giving their best protecting us at all cost. In order to keep the virus away from ourselves masks have been provided to all but some people have taken these warnings a little too far by wearing some extraordinary DIY-at-home protective gears. Ah! People are literally were some extremely questionable gears you name it they’ll were it. Like for instance the diving masks, and full-length tarpaulin suits, Kitchen sponges and much more. So are these really going to protect them from this virus is itself the biggest question?

1 Wearing The Proper PPE For A Trip To Walmart :


2 Fun With Mom During Quarantine !!

3 Making A Visit To The Orthopedist As A Polar Bear:


4 LAMO Protecting Your Face!!


5 Quebec Spotted At A Supermarket :

6 Make Distance :

7 Don’t Worry, I Got This!!!

8 Beware Of The Knights :

9 Doc.Garlic Is Here :

10  Dating During Corona be like :

11 Shopping Unicorn !!

12 Do Car’s Even Get The Virus??

13 Quarantine Shopping :

14 Only Protective Mask A Women Could Find :

15 Even The Dog’s aren’t Prone

16 When You Care About Your Health But Love Smoking Too:

17 She took it on to The Next Level :!

18 Gonna Be Stylish Too :

19 The Lack Of Face-masks :

20 Somewhere in Georgia :

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