20 Old Photos Of Ben Affleck Before He Was Batman

Ben Affleck is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. Before he took the baton from Christian Bale, he was already a well established actor. With movies like Argo and Good Will Hunting already under her belt, Ben Affleck was no new to challenges. However, one of his best works, Paycheck, went underrated. I would suggest you to go and watch it.

But portraying the most loved and idealized superhero was difficult even for him. He gained a lot of haters after BvS. Although, after Justice League, he proved them all wrong. But we are not here to criticize him or praise him. We are here to bring to you his most unseen pictures from his golden days.

1. Here is our Mama’s boy.

2. Not so dashing Bruce!

3 That’s our Batman.

4 That’s our leader of the Justice League.

5 Cute Little Kid.

6 Best of FRIENDS.

7 The Bat-Charm.

8. Is he Batman on his Bat Bike?

9 Adorably Cute.

10 Good Will Hunting duo. The Oscars.

11 The Naughty Wayne

12 The sweet and sexy couple.

13 Dashing Mr. Wayne

14 These two give us friendship goals.

15 Such a cutie pie

16 The Good Will Hunting writers.

17 Kind of nice.

18 What the hell on this is this?

19 Ohhhh! Come to Mama

20 Awwwww!

21 Who is looking more cute?

22. Batman being Batman.


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