“You either die a super poor superhero, or live long enough to see yourself become an epic one.” That’s what happened with Chris Evans. From Human Torch to Captain America. But it doesn’t matter to the meme lords of the internet.

1. You are the first Avenger! And not a shitty Fantastic Four.

2. This is not what our Captain America does.

3. Captain America must have thought about that.

4. The First Avenger is a happy Avenger.

5. This would have made Infinity War so much cooler.

6. Oh you know where Steve is!

7. But Winter Soldier is your best friend.

8. Another reason?

9. We know that!

10. Deadpool can see through you literally.

11. And they both have literally become two of the most epic Marvel characters. Presenting Captain America and Kill Monger.

12. Now we know whom to thank for it. The Flash.

13. This time you are going down Iron Man.

14. Well, what if I told you, I already knew that thing man.

15. That’s the complete me.

16. But we like Captain America without any superpowers.

17. It got him all confused I guess.

18. There is always a way to take out the best in you.

19. Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Brandon Routh are all a part of it.

20. What you expect more?

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