20 Hilarious Hulk Vs Thor Memes That Will You Laugh Your Ass Off!

Hulk and Thor are the cutest MCU couple for me. I mean just see their chemistry in Thor Ragnarok and you will understand. And so the meme lords wanted to really hook them up together in their creativity.

1. Rule No 1. We all love the presence of Spidey and that’s all that matters.

2. Hulk just sees trash. Wish he could come and smash them up.

3. You are a puny Hulk Bruce. Go and see Mark Ruffalo.

4. The irony of this meme is just too damn high. The similarity between Marvel and DC.

5. Thank God it was not cool then. I would have killed myself.

6. Hey everyone look, it’s Hulk with Chicken Legs.

7. Who are the two Gods? Thor and? Loki. Puny God

8. Shrek Hulk is the Hulk we need right now.

9. I think the tagged photo is looking more cute in this.

10. I wonder what would happen if they would have actually hugged.

11. Thor is just so angry at his best friend for this cut.

12. Yes, he sounded like an entire class just roared out loud.

13. No Banners, he is not. He is just intelligent.

14. And here we say, “Hats off to the CGI.”

15. Thor! Next time have some common sense.

16. Why are you comparing anyone to Batman. Batman is Batman for a reason.

17. I wish I could tag someone here.

18. I wont think I would anyone ever.

19. Exactly.

20. Yeah Maybe!


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