“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun”.- Mary Poppins.

No one had ever dreamt 2020 to be such a harsh tragic year to the world. As the whole world is worried due to this pandemic attack of Corona Virus. And since the world witnessed the first symptoms of this virus in March this year, everyone around the globe were told to stay at their homes in order to save many with this COVID-19 Outbreak. We all are aware of what is going on around the world nowadays it is really a serious problem and due to this a distress of fear has been spread around the globe. But people are taking responsibilities of staying at homes and doing work from home and as we have been Quarantine in our homes there have been a work-load of cleaning our houses in this period of time as most of us are free during the day. So while people were cleaning up their house during this quarantine they found out some interesting things belonging to them which were either lost or were stacked up somewhere in a corner of their house. Just have a look at these 20 amazing treasures people found while cleaning their four walls.


1 Painted Jeans:


2 Old Comics:


3 90′s Newspaper:


4 Old Badge:


5 Mom And Dad Love Letters……


6 Each Generation Mobiles:


7 Classic Uno’s:


8 Found Those Lost 10k….


9 Grey Membership Card:


10 The Other Slipper:


11 DVD’s……


12 Columbus’s African Map:


13 Stylish Cutting Of old Map….


14 Old Movie Tickets:


15 Ancient Toys:


16 First Bra…….


17 Charles Club First Card:


18 Bruce Willis First Published Book….


19 First Shaving Kit!!!!


20 Old ipod shuffle, ipod nano and game boy:


Source: Rokas Laurinavičius

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