20 Times Chris Evans Was The Funniest Avenger

In the endless fight to be Hollywood’s number one, one individual consistently appears to stick out – and that is Chris Evans. His tenure as Captain America made him an industry top pick, and off-screen he appears to match his alter ego – modest, kind, and startlingly entertaining. During MCU press visits fans rushed to see that Evans consistently appeared to mess about and behaving like the irritating younger sibling to the remainder of the cast. It’s additionally been said that he was the mischievous prankster on set – and we’re sad we weren’t there to see it. These are the most funniest Chris Evans interviews.

1. Continuously The Troublemaker

Cheezburger / Pinterest

2. So Overt, It’s Covert

CassiesWearsWhat / Pinterest

3. Worth The Final Movie

Han Duo / Pinterest

4. Could Cut The Tension With A Knife

bustle/elizabethblue / Pinterest

5. Such Chaotic Energy

Jix Nyaga / Pinterest

6. That Glow!

Allyson Crenshaw / Pinterest

7. Apologies, What Were My Lines Again?

Elizabeth Noel / Pinterest

8. I Like Captain As Well!

tessafahey / Buzzfeed

9. Wicked Blue Eyes

Funsubstance / Pinterest

10. Complete And Utter Shock

Hannah / Pinterest

11. Hate To See It

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12. That One Picture! We All Regret Getting Clicked.

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13. “Oh, You Over There, With The Shield Thing”.

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14. The Disney Nerd

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15. No Eye Contact


16. Hush up about Your Hands

JessicaRoberts/9gag / Society19


17. Settle on a truce

Cool Cat!!! / Pinterest

18. Cutest Bromance Ever

Emma Schelling / Pinterest

19. The Coolest Cast Ever Assembled

Denise Pries / Pinterest

20. Best At Impressions

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