20 Times People Spotted Others Acting Like Idiots During This Outbreak.

 “No pandemic could ever stop the pundemic!”

As we all are aware that there has been a pandemic attack all-around the world due to this deadly Corona virus that has killed in-numerous amount of people during this period. And as the world faces this rather deadly outbreak everyone is advice to stay in quarantine at their homes and be safe. So as our lives are changing and it’s very difficult for us to adapt to this “new normal “life of ours. Though the people have been listening to their government officials and haven’t been out recklessly, except when it’s very important like getting some essentials or grocery’s from the Supermarket, there are some that have completely left the logical thought by the roadside. Despite of this there are some who don’t even have the idea of how this virus works and are becoming part of some hilarious memes. So Animated Times have compiled some of the most stupidity act people have been caught doing during this COVID-19 Outbreak that would put a smile over your face during this quarantine period.


#A Can’t The Virus Move Sideways????


#B The Corona Beans:


#D Just An Average Shopper:


#E Rooftop Party Gone Wrong….


#F  Every Shelf was Clean Apart From This….


#G $5000 Canadian Being Disinfect Using The Microwave:


#H Someone Please Tell Her This Won’t Help:


#I Elevator Buttons Are Safe Now:


#J 5G =Death = Science…


#K If You Can’t Smell It, You Won’t Get It:


#L What Can I Say….


#M A Meeting Held About Importance Of Social Distancing!!!!


#O The Correct Way To Put Your Mask On…..


#Q I Guess She Doesn’t Know What “Quarantining” Means….


#R Oh! Please I Don’t Use My Nose To Breathe…..


#S My Wife Told To Wear A Mask In Public Areas….


#T A… Is This How It Works:


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