21 Hilariously Dank Hawkeye Memes!

Well, there was no Hawkeye in the Infinity War trailer and that kind of shook us all. I mean he was of no importance in the first two parts but he was there. So it was kind of uneasy for us to digest. But the meme lords of the internet didn’t care. What they care is to take out something hilarious out of everything. And that’s what they did with our Hawkeye. Bringing to you the most hilarious memes of Hawkeye.


Loki you should stop underestimating everyone. And especially not Hawekeye. His bow and arrow case is full of surprises and you should know it.

The Real MVP!

Well, and then I burst into flames.


Aww! They are my favorite couple now I guess.


He can troll even the most bold and gentleman superhero there ever is.


This is just perfect and fits everything. Maybe Disney is planning a crossover with Marvel.

Feeling Fab!

When you got amazing people watching your back so you shouldn’t have to care about anything else.

It’s His Day!

When you are watching two brothers fighting.

Thug Life!

Yes please don’t. I will fall in love with you.


Well, let the internet decide for themselves.


No you are looking Gay. But wait! Gay is just so Hawkeye.!

Avengerous Vocabulary

This is just so true and so real.


Now We Know!

Cause his eyes are set at the target always!

He’s Got An Arrow For Everything!

Yeah he has got an Arrow cause he is no flash!

And then he started the civil war!

Look Who’s Worthy!

Cause Hawkeye is just too clean.

Isn’t That A Bit Much?

I will just give it a moment to sink in.

Original Vs Copycat!

But who the hell is original?


And that must have hurt real bad.

Must Be Some Good Shit!

And this is just so hilariously dank and so good.


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