There’s a reason why people are heavily streaming platforms these days. That’s because of the commercials that break the flow of watching. Not every commercial is bad or even close to bothering people. But of course, there are a few exceptions that will give you the chills if you watch them now. These 22 commercials are destined to haunt every millennial for life! Check it out.

1. This one tops the list. “Apply directly to your forehead.”

2. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network just didn’t get enough of this ad. 

3. This commercial changed the abbreviation game forever.

4. Another commercial that took up all the place on Nick & CN.

5. Hip Hop fans? This is the hottest verse of all time, pun intended!

6. After watching this, you’ll believe that owls are selfish!

7. A commercial that made Ice Tea look magical and pure!

8. Think the previous one is a hot verse? Wait till you check this one out!

9. This commercial is the reason why millennials are good with their insults!

10. It’s an ironic commercial that somehow made sense… and somewhat didn’t.

11. Rhyming class is in session. Check out this commercial.

12. You can be many things in life. But this ad will make you want to be a fruit!

13. Millennials know how hot this commercial was. Agreed?

14. If shampoos were alive, this would be their natural habitat. And this is coming from L’oreal.

15. “877-CASH-NOW!” Best place for opera? THE BUS!

16. Need to learn a new insult? Watch this dope commercial. “Make 7-Up Yours.”

17. This commercial will make you kill a snowman for your SOUP!

18. A weird commercial. But they found the perfect old man to dance with.

19. An off-beat combination – Iced Tea and Claymation. It somehow grows on you.

20. Did you ever try calling Miss Cleo? Know your future… At 3 AM!!

22. The commercial perfectly tells a ravishing story of a… Ravioli can? Yes.

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