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22 Super Hot Photos Of Hayley Atwell AKA Peggy Carter


Everyone started drooling when rumors came that there is going to be a solo Peggy Carter movie. And the reason was Hayley Atwell. If you have watched Captain America: The First Avenger, you are definitely a fan of Agent Carter.

The only thing more beautiful and tempting than Agent Carter’s character was Hayley Atwell herself. She is such a beauty and pleasing to the eyes. Chris Evans was one lucky fellow. And here we are at Animated Times who have sworn to make you go mad at Hayley Atwell.

1. What are those Agent Carter? Popping out.

2 Smoking Red Hot.

3 I am touching myself tonight for sure.

4 I know you would kick my ass but I would still dare.

5 To ask you, “Will you marry me?”

6 That’s some photoshoot.

7 She is even more beautiful in black and white.

8 Slaying the red carpet.

9 And slaying the bed too.

10 You are soooo soo gorgeous.

11 The First Avenger was really lucky.

12 Could we see you again in some Captain America spinoff?

13 Those eyes <3

14 Let us get a closer look.

15 That’s some nice outfit.

16 Oh shit, I am flat at her.

17 Oh you smoking in black.

18 Again a nice outfit you got there.

19 Our very own Agent Carter Ladies and Gentlemen.

20 That body.

21 Specs make you look even more beautiful.

22 That’s just killing me.