It’s been almost a decade since the final Harry Potter movie was released. Created by J.K. RowlingHarry Potter became a global phenomenon with its seven critically acclaimed novels and eight blockbuster movies. For many of us, Harry Potter is synonymous with our childhood, as the books and the movies utterly dominated the 2000s era. While the fans of the books expected a few more details from the movies, nonetheless, the trio of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson ensured that Harry, Ron, and Hermione become truly immortalized.

Harry Potter

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Interestingly, the year Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released, a social media platform for movie fans named Letterboxd was also made open to the world. Nearing almost a decade, Letterboxd has become a widely popular platform where fans from all across the world share their thoughts on their favorite movies. Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani had revealed her Letterboxd account when she was cast as Kamala Khan for the show.

So, what happens when two of our favorite things come together? Harry Potter reviews on Letterboxd! Here are 26 funniest Letterboxd reviews of Harry Potter movies that will make you rewatch the movies for the hundredth time!

25. If You’re A Slytherin, You Probably Hated Dumbledore

Harry Potter

24. Hedwig’s Theme Can Melt Stones

Harry Potter

23. Come on, Dumbledore!

22. Lucius Malfoy Had Style!

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

21. Everyone Had A Crush On Tom Riddle

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

20. Salazar Slytherin Was Definitely Messed Up

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

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19. I Just Had To Re-Watch It OH MY GOD!

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

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18. Hermione Punching Draco Is My Meditation

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

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Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

16. Yeah, What’s Up With Expelliarmus?

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

15. Barty Crouch Jr. Is A Mood(y)

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

14. Screw You, Umbridge!

13. Why Must You Hurt Me This Way?

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

12. The Malfoys Never Got Over Their Goth Phase

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

11. Dumbledore Is The Worst Team Player Ever

Harry Potter Letterboxd Reviews

10. Would It Have Hurt To Give Ginny More Depth?

9. Drools Over Draco

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8. It Was Surely Disturbing

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7. With Freedom Comes Beauty Products

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5. Fleur Is Wife Goals

4. Back From The Dead!

3. Snape Was Not A Hero. Period.

2. Always

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1. No Wonder Book Lovers Hate The Movies

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